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The control system I am designing has an H-bridge motor driver and and encoder. We want to control the power to those devices so we can selectively power it on or off for the purpose of saving power. We are planning to use this MOS module ( ) as a switch. Probl
Requirements 1. Payload, torque, rpm(max-min), encoder-accuracy, physical-dimensions and environment conditions, Type of motor-and motor Accuracy, How it is Actuated(Ac/DC) is decided 2. Based on pt 1 motor is selected. 3. Based on pt 1& 2 encoder, Driver is selected 4. Based on pt 4 Driver, (...)
First of all hello there, this is my first thread. So I started working on a mini cnc machine made from old CD drives. I plan to use the mechanisms to build a plotter like structure. When I tore them down I was expecting a stepper motor at the beginning of the lead screw, but what I got was a standard dc motor with no encoders or any (...)
123090 EzPCB provide professional PCB and PCBA services,real one-stop turnkey service. For prototype and mass production,we both have competitive price and excellent quality. If any quality problem,we will be free to remake for you. We just finished three development boards,please see the pic. If you have any PCB and
i write a program in bascom avr and it is compiled for about 70% . but unfortunately when i have run it in proteus . i got so many error of "pc=54ae9b8 is outside of rom space. plz read my code and tell me what can i do to simplify my code . my code is about reading the turns of the motor through using encoder pulses comes to int0 and save the posi
hello dear forum , I have designed an OEM PLC board which can connect to DELTA DOP touch screen operator panel - for small machine control moreover this board can count external incremental encoder signals and also can drive a stepper motor who interested in automation please look at below demo video ( 3 min only ) showing about all t
i'm intrested in building electric bike.....which motor has more speed and torque at low price
Hi everyone, I am facing some problems in performing clarke-park transform for an induction motor(4 pole stator, squirrel cage IM). I am measuring the rotor position from the encoder and using twice of this value as theta for the park transform(position in radians). But since the rotor speed is slightly less than the synchronous speed, the tra
I am new to vhdl I need to calculate the speed of dc motor for taking it as feedback for comparing with reference speed in closed there any source code available or what is the way to do it.I am using vhdl for implementation of controller in fpga.
i am using optical encoder in my dc motor speed control project using pid controller and pic16f877a and l293d. i set my output to 80rpm .but encoders output goes upto 166 . so basically the reading what optical encoder shows what is that reading ??? is it rpm or some other measurement. i have also added image of optical (...)
I am building a humanoid robot with DC motor actuated fingers. There are 16 brushed DC motors to be position controlled with help of hall effect sensors implanted at the joints of each fingers. I need a developed driver board to control these 16, 3 watt, 12 v,DC motors. Also each motor is equipped with an incremental (...)
Link to original article - I test first circuit from that article with old Hitachi HDD motor and it work
SALAM TO ALL; I m using this motor and want to interface TWO motors encoders with ATMEGA32 and confuse about writting code DO i need INT0 and INT1 pin of atmega32 and which encoder output i have to use OUTPUT A or OUTPUT B of motor encoder
I want to use the DRV8312 motor driver by TI to implement speed control of a BLDC motor. The motor has Hall sensors and encoder inbuilt. I am using STM32F4 discovery board. I want to use Hall sensor control. Can anyone tell me what circuit to use and what inputs to be provided to the motor driver in order (...)
Hello, I am using the Avago AEDR-8500-120 IC for a motor rotary controller, and I am having large noise transients on the 5Vdc into the IC, and on the encoder lines. I am a well experienced PCB design, but new to motors. I have attached the schematic to this email. It's fairly simple. The board is a 4-layer design. The (...)
I have two Servodyn-D servo motors . When connecting power to the encoder(ECN1313), do we have to supply +5V from an external power source? Or the motor has its own +5V power supply to provide the power to the encoder ?. I believe that we need to input power to +5V and 0V pins. We don't have to power 5V(sensor) right? Could you
I have a dc servo motor with encoder of Tamagawa Seiki, model TS3252N131E6 60W. Someone help me a timing diagram of encoder signals or data sheet of this motor. PLEASE!!!!:-(
Hello every one , greetings from Egypt , I have a servo motor controlled the x-axis motion of a wide format solvent printer , yesterday , it stops suddenly and it was free to move , i replaced it by a new one and the printer worked fine , Now i want to get it working again ;) , the encoder consists of 1- IC: AM26LS31C 2- encoder Sensor : (...)
i am having a panasonic servo drive and motor that accepts step and direction signals. The encoder from the motor is connected to the servo drive and there is an option to take encoder feedback and connect to plc are micro controller. my doubt is that if i give 2000 pulses from a micro controller like pic it makes one (...)
Hello friends i have a implement code to rotate stepper motor using encoder . and complete working as reverse and forward stepper motor using encoder below code. My micro controller is PIC32MX575F256H. encoder pin is RE6 AND RE7. Below code is working perfectly. char old = 0; void (...)

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