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i am using optical encoder in my dc motor speed control project using pid controller and pic16f877a and l293d. i set my output to 80rpm .but encoders output goes upto 166 . so basically the reading what optical encoder shows what is that reading ??? is it rpm or some (...)
I am building a humanoid robot with DC motor actuated fingers. There are 16 brushed DC motors to be position controlled with help of hall effect sensors implanted at the joints of each fingers. I need a developed driver board to control these 16, 3 watt, 12 v,DC motors. Also each motor is (...)
I want to use the DRV8312 motor driver by TI to implement speed control of a BLDC motor. The motor has Hall sensors and encoder inbuilt. I am using STM32F4 discovery board. I want to use Hall sensor control. Can anyone tell me what circuit to use and what inputs to be (...)
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a GSM modem, PIC 16F877A, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM (...)
HI, can you suggest a cheap way to speed control a DC motor .The motor is to be used in the joints of a robotic arm.
Hi all, For my final year project I wanted to do a PID temperature control unit but some other guy beat me to it so now he is doing it. My lecturers suggested me that I do a PID DC motor control trainer panel (one can be used to simulate PID motor control in a lab). I would like your input on this so I (...)
I want to make project in thyristorised dc drive.....can u pls help to find out the all the detail to control for 1-5 hp dc motor using armature and field control schematics?
I'm currently studying Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering. My project title is 12V DC Geared motor speed control using Microcontroller PIC16F877A. In this project, a 12V DC Geared motor with encoder, bought from Cytron Technologies is being used. It has 2 channel, which (...)
Tachometer is only suitable when is possible to take measurement directily inside motor mechanism. However, many times it is not accessible. In this case, if motor have coupled reducer, an rottary shaft encoder must be used, due to low RPM property, wich could derail the cloed loop control. +++
Another option would be a stepper motor, by which you can control both speed and position.
Hey am trying to control motor speed using PID. I am using encoders to detect the speed of the motor to be used as feedback.. I am using ATmel 2560 microcontroller. Kindly help me with the program to read the speed using the (...)
follow the may b useful :-)
the code for the motor control using the encoder is same in ccs or mikroe as the output of incoder will be connected to the input of the microcontroller use optiical incoder
You can put output from encoder to interrupt pin and detect state change. So you can meassure time between pulses to get rpm and use PID algorithm for motor speed control. You can also put timer on overflow on 1/10s and count number of pulses in that time period to calculate RPM. In this manner you will have time delay of (...)
In Your application the ppr depents on how fast you want to control the motor. Regards Nandhu
I would suggest that you calculate the required speed difference between the wheels (this is the number of encoder samples) and use PWM to drive each motor independently. This will allow the vehicle to move in circular or any other arbitrary paths. By running both motors at the same speed for different times (...)
DC motor speed can be varied by varying its termianl voltage. If the available supply if a DC supply, then you can use a chopper and control voltage output by PWM generated from the microcontroller. If you need precise speed control, you will need to perform closed loop (...)
One good way of controlling motor's speed is to use a rotary encoder attached the the motor's shaft . Alternatively you can use a disk with several holes, install LED(s) on one side and photoelement(s) on the other side, and using PIC microcontroller measure pulses' duration which is direct (...)
I have a motor control project. In this project, i need to measure the speed. To measure the speed, i planned to use a 100ppr incremental encoder. With the ucontroller's ability it can count 400 pulses per revolution.(It counts decreasing and increasing edges of phase A and phase B) This (...)
speed control of DC motor speed encoder -> low pass filter -> ADC speed feedback -> PWM -> Duty Cycle