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Hi, I canīt find "sps", nor "steps per second" at the given internet site. Therefore I assume both phrases (sps and pps) mean the same. I think "step" is more related to the motor, where "pulse" is more related to the driver. There are full_step, half_step and microstep drivers (...)
Hi, Circuit description: Runs on 5V; stepper is 5V/125mA, 18? per step; ICs are CD4xxx family, L293D, LMC555s (CMOS); inverters are currently NMOS based (will modify to try with proper N + P version later) - logic level MOSFETS. The circuit is designed to drive the motor two steps at a time, and do 6 double (...)
Hi, I am Trying to build a BLDC motor controller with the PIC18F4431 MCU. My plan is to use the six step sensorless trapezoidal commutation. Complementary and unipolar PWM, to be precise. The reason I chose this is to use synchronous rectification instead of simplt using the MOSFET intrinsic diodes. This means that, at any given time, both MO
I am currently trying to make my stepper motor ramp up and down as noiseless as possible, but for some reason am I not able to hit the right sweet spot, which causes my motor to get warm, and the motor to make noise in vibration. The top-speed it reaches it very noise free. The motor i am using a
if the problem is that I aren't able to do a analog read within the while loop, (which I have to do anyway), could I just not do it within the while loop? Presume the processor has enough computing power to perform multiple actions virtually parallel, e.g. reading analog values and generating an accelerated step motor control seq
Hi guys.. I am at the moment trying to make a stepper motor move, but can't seem to make it happen. I am interfacing it through a control board, which takes the input step, Dir, En, and 5V. I am providing those inputs signal from an arduino, but can't get the damn thing to move. all it does it move a step forward (...)
Microprocessor PWM units are not well suited to drive stepper motors. Instead use timer interrupts and pulse pattern generation in software.
Hello, What is the power bus on a typical luxury yacht, -presumably it is pseudo sinusoidal (stair-step) mains 230VAC? (ie, this coming off the battery which is 24VDC?) The battery being replenished by the motor/alternator?
First of all, the most important thing is to buy related materials, such as the car chassis. If the car chassis doesn't have a motor, you should buy one. Generally the online motor car are attached with*dynamo. The very* important module is the bluetooth module, drive motor of chip L298N, and voltage regulator module.*** The next (...)
Hi, I am using dspic30f5011 controller and I can generate PWM wave by using output capture compare module.Now,I want to control the 4-wire bipolar stepper motor with PWM i.e, rotation speed.So,what driver I have to use? Thanks and Regards, M SAI KIRAN.
Perhaps it is meant as the maximum frequency with the specified load the motor will *not* miss a step. It may run (it will certainly) faster but it will miss some steps. Basically they run-stop-run (it may not stop fully but it can if needed) and the rotor inertia is the problem.
if I delay 5ms it's still very slow. Own a pocket calculator? 5 ms delay = 200 Hz step rate = 1 rps for a 1.8degree step motor in full step operation. => 1 kHz step rate required for 5 rps. I guess the motor won't support 1 kHz start/stop frequency with 12V supply, most likely you need (...)
Hi all, I need a small help regarding L293D. I am making a small project using L293D. Bo motor which hardly consumes 60ma at 5v. i am powering my L293D using a step up circuit 3.7V to 5V from 3.7v li-ion battery. output current from step up circuit is 200ma which is not a issue. my problem is the motor voltage pin no 8 (...)
I ?ve wirtten a code to drive (turn left or right through a known step count) a bipolar step motor. Then to make may code readable i embeded the core of driver into a macro. Unfortunately good working code became acting weirdly with macro version. Normally i can turn the motor even for a 1 step to the right (...)
i have BLDC motor from nidec extracted from panasonic printer but i don't know how to run it. i connect 24 V and ground terminals but nothing happened .Does it need PWM input ? the motor has 8 pins , what is the least number of pins to run it?. if any one helped i would be grateful 124394124394
Hy all, I see, see again. search in web, google, bing, bang, bung and nothing, rssss I using a PIC18F4550 to control a step motor 28BYJ-48 with a ULN2003 driver. The step motor works, but VERY, VERY, MANY MANY SLOW, he move the motor, but is than more slow that a slow motion camera... I am (...)
Hello guys, I want to buy for my project a small ac generator to have a 12VAC to 18VAC per example and power of 10 W where can I buy this tiny generator . I tried to make a BLDC motor as a generator by using an ac drill but the result is 3 VAC on 25 rps I think . so please has anyone an idea about small generator or alternator ? tha
It would be advisable to have a block diagram and a transfer function of each stage including motor torque and inertial mass. Then you can decide on desired step response for torque vs acceleration and velocity. Your feedback and control ramp profile is essential to a well controlled system. Much more is needed to determine loop stability, ADC r
Hello Sir.. I am Using L297 and L298 stepper Drive with Bi-polar stepper Drive. I just gave the 1 to the direction pin but the motor changes its direction unconditionally. Some time it goes clockwise direction and sometime it goes anticlockwise direction. I just feeling helpless nothing comes in my mind. :( I check the circuit many (...)
i am driving a servo motor in step and direction mode. my servo accepts only differential step pulses ( step+ step-). from rasberry pye i am generating square pulse train that is fed to am26ls31 input the output of am26ls31 is differential (rs 485) that is fed to the servo drive. my doubt is rasberry pye (...)