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Hello Mazdaspring, there is an app note from Freescale. Actually it was from motorola, so I guess at least for beginning it can help :-) Then thing is in any paper about this topic reader can not avoid mathematics. App note has some simple versions. Hope it helps. Cheers
Hi, anyone suggest me a dsp Processor simulator, which support simulating motorola dsp processor like 563xx. Many thanks!
matlab is no longer supporting this, and I am trying to get started in dsp using tonecore developer's kit from line 6, which has motorola 56300 inside. Freescale provides primitive interface in eclipse with gnu compiler, but I wanted to develop in Matlab. any ideas on where I can get a hold of this old unsupported toolbox?
I've never used an Arduino, only PIC and motorola dsp with their respective $$, but highly useful compilers. It seems like Arduino is easy and cheap- $30 for protoboard and FREE compiler. I have observed that it is considered too basic for engineers and engineering students. I'm guessing that Arduino is a step up from Lego Mindstorms and the Ba
Hi- I'm using a motorola dsp. I want to use the 74HC595 for serial in-->parallel out to create more outputs from less dsp pins. Thanks to CTownsend for this suggestion on another thread. :D There are some things I don't understand from datasheet 74HC595 1. VCC supply- ca
  I am trying to design a sigma-delta DAC. On page 40 of this motorola document, a figure of the in-band noise for various types of samplers is understand that these spectrums are for ADCs. Do the same spectrums apply
Please, does anybody here know how to program a dsp 56F8323 from motorola with the embeeded beans from processor Expert??? Thanks in advance
hi Where can i find any information about architecture and programing of dsp56300.
Hello there!! I would like to know which dsp is in the motorola v360 cell phone, can anyone help me? THanks!!
Dear ! You shouldn't care about the chip (TI or AD or motorola, . . . ) becase the most important is ideal ! So TI or AD is the good.
motorola has dsp chips optimized for use in power supplies. Try this link: I hope that this helps. bimbla.
Hey guys which processor core do you think is the best for a small scale Soc. And which one is the cheapest? 1) ARM 9/7 2) MIPS 3) Power PC 4) motorola 5) dsp G
Hi all We are planning to design a project with motorola 56300 series dsp. We never work with it before, could anybody give me the schematic of it's jtag cable? mike
There are a lot of topics "how to begin?" but none "how to continue?". I started to use microcontrollers a few years ago and I have experience with PIC-Microchip, MC9S12-motorola and some dsp. Now, I am filling that I need to do an improvement and try (experience) something new. What do you recommend? Marius
hi all please tell me what are the tools i need to start using the dsp56F801 from motorola how to program it where to buy its adaptors where to get user guide and data on it please lead me to free things as much as you can thanks
Here is an artical on sigma-delta from motorola This may help you
I need history of motorola dsp and diferent with theme.
you can found it some dsp book, and maybe you can find soem simple simulation if you using google search it. do you have the concept of sigma delta modulator, maybe you can refer to motorola sigma-delta modulator book, there was sth. Good luck!
All dsps (at least the ones I'm aware of: Freescale -formerly motorola-, Texas Instruments and Analog Devices) have an interface named Serial Port, to which you can attach DACs and ADCs. They provide all the signaling necessary to connect that kind of peripherals, including the clocking. Read the manuals and the datasheets!!!! BTW, which (...)
Hi friends, i want to learn programming dsp's. I've never done programming (whatever) before. I'm specially interessted in programming dsp's for "Motion Control". I've got 2 Eval.-Boards here - Analog Devices ADMCF 328 - motorola 56F8300 Can you please help me in the way i should start. Maybe Books which i could buy to (...)