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Hi, Can you let me know that quadrature encoder is optical encoder. Because in today's world the ball mouse is almost not available. To the best of my knowledge the ball mouse uses optical encoders. Thankyou ---------- Post added at 16:54 ---------- Previous post was at 16:39 ---------- Hell again Plea
Use a rotary encoder .. You can make one (old computer mouse), or buy one (rather expensive option) .. A little bit of theory and 8051-based practical example is here: Regards, IanP
I opened up my mechanical mouse(the one using roller) to see how it worked. I saw that there were two orthogonally placed toothed wheels which rolled with the mouse. THe toothed wheels were placed in the path of an IR Rx/Tx. Now I couldn't figure out how the system decided whether the mouse is moving up or down, or right or left. THe (...)
Hello, Look inside a mechanical PC mouse, or take it appart. Just a sloted wheel and a couple of ligth sensor arranged so as when one of them is illuminated the other has the light blocked. You can use such disposition to sense the cw or ccw rotation. Hope this helps
Hi, I Think Optical mouse can be used as linear encoder, but it is possible and how would the position error be? Any one has en idea? Thanks.
look at the microchip website they have an appnote on how to design a mouse using a pic .. all is there!
buy a mouse open it there you are
hello pals, Ive been searching for the serial protocol for serial mouses. Im planning to use a mouse as a quadrature rotary encoder. Is it too slow for this application??? Whats the meaning of the bytes transmitted by the serial mouse?? regards, 2000
hello friends, I'm working with an encoder for a DC motor that works just like a mouse wheel. My question is, if the wheel seems to be mechanically symetrical, how does the mouse controller know if the ball is going forward or backward? the same question for the left or right sides... regards, 2000