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Hi, I am working an a project in which I need to simulate a USB mouse. I need to use USB protocol (not PS2). As usb protocol is to much complex to handle with VHDL, I am looking for an hardware module alowing me to do that. Basically a module to which I would send commands in a simple protocol, and the module would translate these comma
Do a Transient Analysis. Then, after the analysis is complete, if you click on any circuit node with the mouse, the voltage on the node will be displayed as a plot with voltage on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis.
simulate >> Run >> mouse left button
Hi, this is my first post and I'm a total noobie, I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I would like to simulate/create a mouse click using a switch and I think a relay. I'm unsure of what type of relay I need and how to wire this. This will be mounted to my phone so when my Plantronics Receiver Lifter lifts the receiver when I answer a cal
Just run the simulation using the "DC Sweep" command. Then point to the component where you want to view the current until the mouse pointer changes to an ammeter symbol and click.
Hello!! I want to simulate USB Programs in Proteus but i failed, i want to know whether i am doing something wrong, Please suggest me something. I am using MPLABC18 Compiler This is My mouse Simulation it is working fine. 84742 While this simple HID Custom Demo is not working, 84743 Please
i am making a 555-Ldr based circuit to go to the next slide on power point presentation when i point a laser to the ldr . i am geting a logic high when i do so. now how can make my mouse click or simulate ? a mechnical or simpler way would be to use a solenoid or sumthing similar and place right over my mouse . bt i want to do this using (...)