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program was working but one letter after next letter moving is not continuously not moving some No video, not clear, no effective help. Anyway, considering that the linked code was abusing on the use of delay functions, did you even try to reduce its value ?
Hi, I am looking to convert an .brd file for use in Altium for a student project. I tried using the method on the Altium website but it did not work. The link for reference is posted below. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank.
This is the circuit I have been given for reverse engineering. It has a 4 feet matrix display. It has other features like RS232 input, PS2 Keyboard input, HT1380 RTC, 24C64 EEPROM not shown in circuit. Now the issue is only with matrix display code writing. How should I approach ? The original board uses P89V51RD2 which is obsolete and
Hi All am trying to write verilog code to create object that can move vertical and horizontal by pressing button on Xillinx Spatan3 board I use code from to create a ball but I can't make it move horizontal and vertical my code for vertical moving that not working always @(posedge clk) if(quadA)
I would like to know whether it is possible to interface stm32f103vct6 with winstar display WF70Q using FSMC bus? I would like to print moving images on the display.the datasheet for both are attached. Also if it is possible to interface,which fsmc topology do we need to use?is it asynchronous non-multiplexed NOR write method? What is (...)
char array,p,j,s,i,still; void clock(){RB7=0;RB6=1;RB6=0;} void data(){RB7=1;RB6=1;RB7=0;} void scroll(char a,char b,char c,char d,char e,char f,char g) //display function // { short int count=7; while(count>0) { array=~a; a=b;b=c;c=d;d=e;e=f;f=g;g=255;
Dear All, I want to design & develop moving message display by 89c52.Can it be possible? Or I have to use other microcontroller?
we have a problem we tested this code(it should display moving shape) on the simulator and it is working but on the hardware didnt show the shape although all the connections are revised according to attached picture 115612 and the LCD powered up without showing the shape moving // LCD module connections s
this are not same like you but similar and might help you
Check this
I try my best to find sample code in mikroc pro for led moving message display. Hi everybody how to make a scrolling message (using LED Matrix) in mikroc (pic16f877a) pleas help me how can i make it can you anyone put the sample code ? thanks in advance
Which Compiler and micro-controller are you using? What is its Fosc? You want particular line of display to scroll or is it ok if all the lines of LCD scroll at the same time? Sample moving display project with two different texts. Proteus simulation attached.
Friends While developing a code for moving LED display using 16F886 MCU, compiler fails to build the code and returns error report as "Error - section 'MAIN_PROG' can not fit the section. Section 'MAIN_PROG' length=0x00001020 Errors : 1 Link step failed." Earlier I used 16F72 MCU for this purpose. But as the Program Memory o
hie guys, need your help to calculate speed taken by a moving vehicle and display it on passes through two pairs of IR sensors which are a fixed distance apart using timers in PIC 16F877A with a 20Mhz oscillator i am using micro c. it activates timer when it passes 1st sensor and deactivates timer when it passes 2nd sensor but how do i fi
Hello there ,I like to display a moving message on 3 8*8 dot matrix (ROW Anode) but I am having problem of how to create MAP for characters to display; If you gonna using row scan another use column scan I think you don't use the same characters MAP nor the same circuit;can you please help me to think on this?? see the circuit I want (...)
i want to design led moving message with 7 X 125 LEDs. Can somebody help me as this has always be my dream project. Thank you guys in anticipation.
Hi, I've been looking for moving message display for few days. I found some valuable ideas. But as I work with PIC micro-controller and with compiler microCpro so it was hard finding an example project work on net. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks
Hello, i am confusing to make program moving text left right are controlled by push button . There are 2 pb , pb decide the direction of text .display is 16x2 lcd . Anyone can help me ? Please give comments in each instruction thank :)
Hi, i want help for my project regarding programming. I have use atmega16 microcontroller and i have use 5*7 led display module. So plz. Plz... Help me regarding this problem....!!!

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