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Hello, attached is a picture of a cylinder magnet moving in and out of a coil, in a linear AC generator configuration. Below it, there are 3 possible configurations for the magnetization of the magnet (axially/diametrically/radially). Which of the 3 configurations will produce more voltage on the coil, assuming same motion, magnet mass and magnet
First of all, we want to excuse us for my bad English.. I want to make project on "prevention anti collision system using RFID ". I'm facing many problem in select RF reader and tag . because ,I think according for this project required UHF generator ,tags ,reader all things are expansive. If any idea about "distance measure in RTL(real time loca
I have an unpacked array of integers int myArray ; that is populated with data during simulation. I want to put this into the first column of an excel file so I can make some graphs of my data. Is there a simpler way to do this than manually copying them out? Thanks.
It also shows 5A fuse for 12V dc. This data sheet is not spesific to a cetain model but contain many general instruction, like, WARNING EXHAUST GAS is deadly. moving PARTS and ELECTRICITY can cause severe personal injury or death. To reduce exposure to these hazards, always disable automatic genset starting before:  Sleeping in vehicl
You didn't mention the motor type. A floppy drive (I assume a recent 3.5" drive) has typically a larger planar BLDC motor rotating the floppy disc and a smaller stepper motor moving the head. Which one you are talking about?
there is so called "auto stop" - when the tape is not moving the casette player stops. You need to put some generator of pulses (555) connected to the sensors to fake the tape movement.
my project is moving a car in and out SW1 ON = car moving out for 5 second then automatic stop SW2 or sensor ON=car go in for 5 second then automatic stop when sensor OFF car will go out for 5 second then automatic stop <moving in for 5 second then stop (...)
Hi, I believe, that these isnt other as a normal generator(as Keith proposed too)_you have a moving magnet (or an electromagnet) in front of a plain coil or even inseide a round coil...:-) K.
3. Motional and transformer EMF: Motional EMF is the emf induced due to the relative motion between magnetic flux lines (whether of fixed field or not) and a conductor, ; while the transformer emf is the induced emf by electromagnetic couplying between two ob
Hi If anybody know any hardware details about the moving pannel display for LED matrix, whcih displays graphics also. Is there is any character map generator IC? pl give the implementation details how can we address each LED individually. I will be using 89C51 for the implementation of the project Every suggestions are welc