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How did you power the leds? With a fixed magnet and a coil mounted on the wheel? What limits the current when the bike is moving fast?
An LM3915 IC has 10 comparators connected to a resistor ladder and the 10 outputs have their output currents set with one resistor. There is an accurate adjustable voltage reference. It can make a moving dot with one LED lighted or a bar of lighted leds. Use an electret mic. Your circuit is completely wrong because it does not have a resistor l
i want to design led moving message with 7 X 125 leds. Can somebody help me as this has always be my dream project. Thank you guys in anticipation.
Dear Friends, I want to make moving message on leds. But i am not able to make diagonal leds on. Can anyone tell me, how can i make diagonal leds on. When i am doing this, it makes all the leds in on state. I am totally confused, how others are doing this? -------- Learner
Hello, I have heard that the latest method of saving power in LED-Back-lit, LCD Televisions is to dim the leds behind certain parts of the screen image that are dark. Do you know if this is true? -The thing is, Television pictures are moving constantly, and from frame to frame, different parts of the screen are constantly varying in li
hai, i want to scroll led matrix with avr at90s8535 with keyboad interface,but how to do that,can anybody help me,thanks.
Dear all; I want row scanning method for moving massage display; here all moslty defeine is colum scanning method. I saw many branded moving massage display all in rwo scanning method using . which most pre frable. any body help me in this regards; IRSHAD BAIG
Hello! I have a college project and I want your help. Is there any scematics or guide to build a led matrix using only common leds not led_matrices_ic's. Also I must use a common PIC16F8XXX or PIC18FXXX series. Is there any code program?? I Know there are lot of guides through the net but I need to know If they are trusted. if you have constructed
Hello guys, I need some help with my college project, can you help me? The project is to make the led matrix display a moving message. I bought the PIC16F877A and I programned it to have the bootloader. However when I set it to the circuit and tried to controlled it through the RS232 the microchip quick programmer found it, but it couldn't read
i am doing moving leds display. which contains 8 5x7 dotmatrix, and using 8bit shift register 94hc595, anyone can tell me which programmer can i use. . . ?
I am designing a moving text display. I have a problem with moving text to left or right. The problem is the thickness of all characters is doubled. Exactly each vertical line has 2 pixels width but I can see 4 pixels. When speed is slow, everything looks ok but if speed is "average" or higher, all characters looks doubled. I use high power LE
Hi Everybody I want to design a project with Proteus. It's ATMEGA16 based LED moving message display. Could anyone help me on this or do you have any Code or schematic and HEX file to use in Proteus?
wanted Rotating Message Display with leds published in january 2007 of elektor. This is sample of moving LED message display:
i want to display each of characters(A to Z) on a sing led boards! how can i interface the leds. each other ? Guys, you can refer to this link:
I am working in a led moving sign with PIC16F84 and four (4) 74HC164 shift registers, now i can move a message, read from an EEPROM andscroll the message on a matrix of 7X23 leds and do somme special effects on the "screen". I need some help with programming the eeprom with PC, it is hard to program it byte by byte (eatch character take 5 bytes, i
I want an algorithm for scan bitmap file for signbord please help!! Thank! 8O
I'm looking for a big led moving message display schematic diagram or ideas. I want to use about 256x256 leds on my display and i want to make an animation on it. I want to use discret component and pic processor not expensive proicessors. I made a little (32x32) one with pic16f84 and many eproms memory for the program for display but for this b
I am not sure if that is what you are looking for, but I have seen some cool clock designs, where one bar of leds was used aither as pendulum or rotated, and leds where MUXed to create characters on moving path. I'll have to dig that link somewhere, if you are interested. If just scrolling display is what you are interested in, sorry.