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hi, I am working on moving message 8x8 dot matrix display of 9 characters. I am using shift resisters (74HC168) for scrolling message. so please help how to use shift register in my program.
Yes thats the way to connect more than one 74HC595 ---------- Post added at 22:28 ---------- Previous post was at 22:23 ---------- I will get back to you after checking your code ---------- Post added at 23:25 ---------- Previous post was at 22:28 ---------- M
hi i need schematic and apcb and firmware big moving message Display any freinds have give me thancks
moving message DISPLAY - Sonsivri need help in moving message display using matrix leds(8 bit) - All About Circuits Forum Check these links, may be it will helpful for u.
Hi I need your help. I wanna moving message display in 3 dot matrix 8*8 and must use 8051. please help me
@sahu: Wow, you ask for every (someone else's) project a code. Is that the only thing you know? @pasanRobotics: Congratulations, finally somebody to make a real thing, not only asking a homework (aka. 'project') to be sorted out by someone else. Bear in mind that you will not be able to expand your moving message indefinitely, lengthwise, the
HELLO every one, well i want the display as "SHREE GANESHAY NAMAH"which is a moving one what should i use nd wich IC should i use for the display....please help i need to do this asap!!!!!
hi i made a led dot matrix display 8x32 with highlight led but i don't know what use the ic or tr for driving led for full insity and resistor connect???????? micro mega8 column driver 74hc595 help me tnx
Hello, There are a couple of projects on this subject on the forums, just search for moving message display or led matrix. However all of them uses a microcontroller of some sort. I don't think you can do it without one since it is programmable? Unless you use the PC parallel port or something like this. Regards, Gam