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this are not same like you but similar and might help you
@sahu: Wow, you ask for every (someone else's) project a code. Is that the only thing you know? @pasanRobotics: Congratulations, finally somebody to make a real thing, not only asking a homework (aka. 'project') to be sorted out by someone else. Bear in mind that you will not be able to expand your moving message indefinitely, lengthwise, the
Before posting new topic always do some search, here it is::
This is complete 5x7 19 matrix moving message display with RS232 Control. atmel 89c51 is used.column are scan by 74ls164 source code are in c keil c51 Proteus simulation file is included.
For some of our members who are interested in pic moving message like me,,should visit there is an interesting circuit ther and i have build it myself and it works fine,the diagram is included with hex file but you can use icprog software to write your own message in the eprom area. it simple.
You know already this thread? moving message LED Display Project (with DOS PC 2nd link to other animated sign projects A great page by RobSki on creating a moving message sign using an AVR microcontroller
search the forum for "moving message" you will find ton's of stuff
Frankly, I don't think it is a good idea to construct this one; it looks a little bit old fashion .. Yoc can find several more contemporary "moving message" projects here in this forum .. One of the latest, for example, can be viewed at: For the other projects use the SEARCH option .. Reg
I am working in a led moving sign with PIC16F84 and four (4) 74HC164 shift registers, now i can move a message, read from an EEPROM andscroll the message on a matrix of 7X23 leds and do somme special effects on the "screen". I need some help with programming the eeprom with PC, it is hard to program it byte by byte (eatch (...)