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Try this. n=deci2ascii(ans/100); lcddata(n); n=deci2ascii((ans/10)%10); lcddata(n); n=deci2ascii(ans%10); lcddata(n); Which Compiler ? C18 ? with mplab or mplab X ?
Zip and post your complete mplab project files and also mention your Compiler.
mplab 8.8 disP30F5011 lcd - JHD629-204A Hi, I have interfaced an 20x4 lcd to my controller and that is abosultely working fine. I am bit confused about chaning its font size. In attachment 1 page 7 , Table 2 data sheet describes that I can modify Binarys in Function Set. By changing the values, I found no difference in font size. How (...)
i need help to Interfacing lcd and keypad with pic16f877 using mplab assmbley code
Take little help from and write code. or install mplab X IDE libraries there u can find sample codes. edit these code according to your project work.
I have a PICKIT2 clone. I am trying to interface lcd with PIC16F876A. As seen in most of the examples, I grounded the RW. When I used mplab HITECH C first , no matter what I did it didn't work. Only showing square black blocks on the first row. Then I tried mikroe C for pic. It worked fine - Great.. but the code crashed most of the time an
I am doing a lcd pic 16F876A interfacing. I am using Eagle cad for circuit and mplab Hitech c for programming. I am tired of using or doing too many frequent writes. Is there a software where I can draw the circuit and also do the simulation with HITECH c code(HEX)?
Hello i would like to convert a mikro code to mplab with Compilr C30 that display a parameter in a lcd with the pic24f This is a project in MikroC that works with pic18f. please help me thanks in advace
hello! i need to display simple character on glcd using mplab Hi aaddi, Indeed, there is huge difference between Glcd and Alphanumeric lcd. If you want to display only characters then I will strongly recommend you to use Alphanumeric lcd rather than Glcd. In Glcd you can (...)
I am trying to interface JHD12864 Graphical lcd(KS0108 lcd controller based) with PIC16F877A using mplab and Hightec C.Can anybody help me to make header files for it.The code which I get is enclosed here.but it doesn't work properly.Also I need code for drawing images on it Is there any pullup required In my circuit?
There's no C-compiler installed with mplab 8 by deafult. The recent free compiler solution is mplab XC8. But porting your code to any compiler different from mikroC will involve some work. You have to find a replacement for built-in functions, particularly there's no similar lcd library.
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using PIC18F4550 with lcd Ampire 128x64. I use CCS C of mplab plugin to compile the .hex file. And simulate on Proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
103135103135No display my code is not working anyone please help i hv attached my code i am using mplab C18 compiler pic18f4550
PIC30F5011, mplab 8.8v interfaces rtc, keypad, lcd. Hi, I want to know how to reset MC using the software instruction. when I am pressing a button it just recognize the button prints the statement and does nothing after that. i am already displaying rtc on lcd and it doesnt get interrupted and no more buttons of the keypad work. (...)
hai ... dears anybody is trying to do the sinewave ups using the dspic30f2010, they can use the flexible lcd driver for the project. this file is converted by me from ccsc to mplab c30... enjoy it..
Im getting this warrning PIC18F4520\main.c:42:Warning suspicious pointer conversion I want to show characters on the lcd, here is my code /* Main.c file generated by New Project wizard * * Created: Fri Feb 21 2014 * Processor: PIC18F4520 * Compiler: mplab C18 */ #include #include
Hello Gurus, I am using PIC16F877 in mplab IDE 7.60, using Hitech C Compiler and mplab ICD debugger. Now I want to display 10 bit ADC output in float point on 16x2 lcd. I am getting ADC output in HEX and by modulo division method I am getting individual decimal value and storing it in one array. In array I am getting exact decimal (...)
PIC30F5011/mplab 8.8v Interfaces _ 24LC256, 20x4 lcd, DS1307, 4x4 matrix keypad, external osc 8 Mhz. Hi, I made a code accessing these interfaces, and this whole thing works absolutely fine when I am using without hyperterminal. But some times when I connect to hyperterminal the micro-controller starts to reset and it never stops, som
hello, if you are working with mplab C18 you can use the Xlcd library extract of init void XlcdInit(void) { //PORT initialization //4bit mode //Upper 4-bits of the DATAPORT output Xlcd_DATAPORT_TRIS &= 0x0f; Xlcd_DATAPORT &= 0x0f; //control port initialization (...)
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a PS2 and also an lcd library too: And there is my PS2 simulator library for Proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in mplab, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Hi Guys, I want to learn how to interface a PIC16F690 with Liquid Crystal Display using C language in mplab. I've been searching the internet and used the search engines but no one has posted regarding how to start with lcd interfaced in to the PIC16F690. These are the links to some searches that I find helpful quiet a little but still I don't un
#include #define enter 0x0d #define ctrlz 0x1a #define sendb RC0 #define rs RB0 #define rw RB1 #define en RB2 #define lcdport PORTB int convert='0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','A','B','C','D','E','F'; int lcd=0x00,0x08,0x10,0x18,0x20,0x28,0x30,0x38,0x40,0x48,0x50,0x58,0x60,0x68,0x70,0x78; unsigned
Hi! I searched for many codes for lcd displays which is written using mplab in the internet. But most of them don't work for me. I even tried the example given by Microchip ( ) The only one that worked for me was the following one. 98276 But I cannot use a string array
is dsPIC33 series can be programmed by pic kit2 It depends. mplab device selection menu will tell you.
Hi everyone, my name is James, this is my first post on this forum. I am here because i have been driven nuts trying to find why my pic project has stopped working! I am trying to implement a simple menu on an lcd, 3 push buttons, PIC16F1507, Hi-Tech C, mplab v8.84. I have declared an array of structs, each element holds a struct that contains a t
first of all you should have knowledge of how to interface lcd, rtc to pic. rtc communicate via i2c protocol. lcd has special commands to interface. Programming is done on mplab ide or any other compiler. Have u done some work on pic before? initially try simple interfacing of lcd, rtc etc. on pic simulator or proteus.
Hi all, I'm very new in Programming. I would like to realize a project using an Lm032 lcd, A SHT11 Humidity Sensor, PIC18f2620 (mplab, Proteus). I went through the device datasheet and I wrote the following code. But the result is terrible. I need assistance please. Tnx in advance.:oops::oops: //#include //#include
or assembler? I dont use mplab myself normally but isnt that assmbler oriented?
Hi, you can use MPSIM in mplab. Select Debugger > Select Tool > MPSIM. You can run the program by giving initial condition from Debugger > Stimulus > New Workbook. Get a MPSIM tutorial from Microchip web. Enjoy Can i interface lcd display by using this simulator?
Hi, How is pin 1 Mclre wired when not connected to the Pk2 or mplab ? What option have you got Mclre set to in the config bits ?
what is your code to initialize the lcd? mplab is good to start with.
here i am using mplab c18 compiler to try to display '1234567890' value as it on lcd unsigned char sachin; unsigned double voltage = 0,step = 3215820; voltage = 1234567890; sachin = (char)(voltage/1000000000) + 0x30; sachin = '.'; sachin = (char)(voltage/100000000)%10 + 0x30; sachin = (char)(voltage/10000000)%10 + 0x30; sachin[4
#pragma config OSC = HS //Use external oscillator But I thought that we had established that the external oscillator does not work on your board. ...or have you repaired the fault? #pragma config DEBUG = OFF //Turn off debug mode You should not set DEBUG to OFF, or to ON. Delete this line completely. mplab IDE
Dear Sir i am doing a project on pic16f877a for multichannel ADC i.e 3 phase 415 volts Analog voltage to digital voltage using PIC ADC on display on lcd 4 bit mode using 4 MHZ XT crystal oscillator if have solved these type of projects plese let me know with code Thanks & Reagards Dhananajaya
how do i interface with the PIC and lcd 2x16 with mplab, and high tech C??? is there anyone that can point me to a sample code and how to code it? i tried adding header files into the project but its still not working, it wont build or anything.. :sad: i dont even know how to get started ive tried following these extremeelectro
i want to display 2 destination.but i wan to clear the word on lcd when the next input come in.i failed to clear in..and yet,how can i add in some other word when no,im a newbie to using mplab,16f877a,lcd development board is abit different where 1 is low,0 is high...pls help pls help... void pic_ini
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include "lcd.h" #include "delays.h" #include "CTYPE.h" //////////////////////////Variable unsigned char xs; unsigned char i1; unsigned char flags; unsigned char recv; unsigned char msg; unsigned char ip; unsigned int lenght
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include "lcd.h" #include "delays.h" void sendusart(unsigned char datas); void sendchar(unsigned char data); void cls(void); void xcl(); unsigned int meter(unsigned int me,unsigned char states); unsigned int zav(unsigned int me,unsigned ch
Hey, I have to convert this code to mikroc compiler. It is compiled successfully in mplab but it shows many errors in mikroc . please help me..!!! thanx in advance. #define lcd PORTB #define RS portd.f0 #define EN portd.f1 #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 void cmd(void); void temp_sens(); void main(){ int j=0; char ldg="
hi! plz guide me in mplab coding. tell me how to display a mesage on lcd through coding in mplab and its interface in proteous????????
Thanks Sky_123 1-In mplab compiler if i declare a variable and doesn't push any value into it , it can have unexpected value instead of zero? 2-why its is better to use for instead of if statment? 3-i checked again it start from 1 instead of 0 why? 4-how can i make a function that get a decimal or hex number and convert each number to assci? i wrot
Hi, it looks like project configuration and search directories problem. Look here: (mplab IDE) Project -> Build Options -> Project -> Directories. Another thing may be localisation of the files in directories and include defs: #include "..\" vs #include "" Good look :) Mariusz
Hello i wrote a function that send a byte to 4bits output high-nibble & low-nibble (micro PIC18f452). i have some question about
Hello how can set up a lcd 16*2 with 4-bit Interface in mplab?Does it have any library? Thanks Hi, What chip are you using ? What programming language are you using ?
Hello everyone I just started learning programming PIC microcontroller, and I am trying to display a string on an lcd from PIC18F4550, using I2C protocol. I wrote the code and compiled, programmed it using ICD3. But it doesnt work. I use a USB demoboard. I am using C18 compiler and mplab 8.85 The lcd supports I2C (...)
Thats not the mplab function... mplab is just an IDE where one can integrate there compiler's.. the #use directive is a part of CCS PIC C compiler.... This compiler has lots of function and this directive is used for serial communication it also has functions for lcd and other things..
Hello everybody, i'm a new user of pic and i tried to program a pic to control an lcd. The pic is a 18F47J53 ( starter kit ) The lcd is a BTHQ 100032V-FSTF-LEDwhite W.C. using SED1520 So i start to program it on mplab IDE and i have already some difficulties :s I connected differents pin on the lcd : On the (...)
Hi everybody, I have found a program which permit to display some results on lcd but de extension of the project files are .ppas and .ppp and mplab cannot compile it please which software can I use to read it. Thank You
HI everyone, I am using PIC 16F887 and CCS-C compiler(version 4.093) plugin in mplab IDE ... i ve connected lcd to port D and it is working , i am using lcd.C driver to implement lcd functions in which lcd is configured as port i want to use pin 5 of port d for PWM(half bridge mode) which is (...)
I've written the code for delay_ms() for pic16f877a....I want to use it in other programs... How do I do it in mplab?