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Hi, I designed a msp430 based PCB board (in Eagle) for my application : I have used the following basic connections on the board - oscillator (XOUT/XIN), power (AVCC,DVCCL,etc.), TDO/TDI/TCK/TMS, and a few GPIOs... I have a few questions: Are there any other connections that are required to startup the microcontroller? Also what is
Hi there; I'm using msp430F5328 in my design. I want to program it through other MCU via SPI. However SPI didn't work. I used UART istead and worked. Could I use the BSL to fully program my msp430?
Hey everyone, I was thinking of writing of a series of (free) tutorials on the fundamentals of embedded programming from the ground up. I would base the lessons on the msp430 launchpad as it is cheap, easy to program for and the msp430 lineup gives many opportunities for advanced learning. The material would still be as generic as (...)
Get a TI Launchpad board, perhaps here ... then download TI's compiler here
Hello neerajneo, For programming and burning you can Download and install Code Composer studio(offline installer) it's by Texas Instruments only, You can find Compatible version for Windows and Linux, For downloading the CCS you need to Register, And also burning the code into msp430F5438 Experimental board you need MSP-FET43
What does representation in 0*0x100u mean in C . If it end with "b" . I know its binary . What is "u"
So I have built a working 11x11 matrix from 3 daisy chained 74HC595s using a msp430 ( from this previous thread) , To test the matrix, I used the shiftOut, latchOff, and latchOn function founds on the comments section of this TI wiki page
Hello! As far as I know, there is only one serial programmer for msp430. I don't know if it can be used for debug, maybe just for mass programming. It can program 8 devices at once. Do you have any reason not to use launchpad? Dora.
Hi All, Sorry for a noobish question i am working with the TI Launchpad board link. I have made a separate target board with another microcontroller and am using the Launchpad board to programme the target board. I was initially connecting the VCC, GND, RX, T
Hello all, I am currently trying to design a micro controller that takes in a voltage reading from A1 and only starts storing it after it has reached .9V (we can make this a 0V reference point); from there it will store all readings it takes until it reaches 3V and dwells for about 50 ms. The sample frequencey only needs to be about 1-5k. Since
hi all am using msp430f2618 controller .. in my coding some arithmetic calculations is there that is lSignal2 = lSig*1410/wSa1+1024; in this code lsig = -2; wSa1 =500; as per the manual calculation the answer should be lSignal2 = 1018 but am getting lSignal2 =-183787 while i debug my code by means of step by step b
hello all... i am newbie for msp430 nd recently got the olimex msp430p149 development board. so nay one can please help me to get the proper compatible jtag cable to program it as i am not able to do it with rs232.
#include <msp430x44x.h> // These need to be global in this example. Otherwise, the // compiler removes them because they are not used static unsigned int A0results; static unsigned int A5results; static unsigned int A2results; static unsigned int A3results; static unsigned int A4results; int ADC(); void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDT
Hello! I connect the TEST Pin to the VCC. That might be your problem. The schematic you refer to does not set the test pin to VCC and to ground either, it wires test (pin 8 of JTAG) to test/vpp pin of your processor. Another thing. The link you provide points to an ARM JTAG. I don't know the difference between ARM and msp430 JTAG
Hello, I have interfaced 128x64 glcd with msp430. I am using CCS4 compiler and Embedded C language for programming. My application runs in standalone mode (Display shows something). But, when tried to debug, display remains blank permanently. I tried to find out why does it not work in debug mode, when I faced a strange issue... I wrote
Hello, I am programming msp430 mcu in CodeComposerStudio (CCS) 4. The ultimate aim is that -> I am sending the pointer to array as an argument to the function. -> I want to calculate the no of elements in that array for which I used sizeof operator However, the instruction of sizeof is omitted by compiler. When I try
I have selected msp430-JTAG JTAG FOR programming AND FLASH EMULATION for TI msp430F2418 MCU (msp430 JTAG ADAPTER FET FLASH EMULATION TOOL ). I want to construct and design my own PCB. So can anybody will give guidelines about selection of peripherals and design...
Hello! can msp430 work less than 3.2 volt andalso tell me can we program msp through rs232 cable.can anyone provide c programming with explanation with msp430bt5190 Saying hello, please and thank you may help to get useful replies. Beside this, starting a sentence with a capital letter, ending it with a point (or a ? when it's a
Hi! I am totally beginner in programming msp430. I need a help with programming this: I need to read all 8 ADC and write data into flash!I need to do this with msp430F149. Any example or suggestion I will appreciate. Thanks!
Dear, Try visiting below web links for more details on Launch pad Dev Kit msp430 LaunchPad - msp430 LaunchPad - TI E2E Community