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Hello! I just made the same move. I was using msp430 heavily, and for some obvious reasons, when you need power... well, I think you faced the same problem, so no need to explain. I have started with STM32 series. My first impression was that their HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) functions are just adding complexity to things that ought to be si
Hello to all, I am using msp430F5438A microcontroller.... In that i am using 12-bit ADC(ADC12_A) with internal reference voltage... By using the Reference module i have enabled the following registers.. REFCTL0 = REFMSTR + REFON + REFVSEL_3 + REFTCOFF + REFOUT; I am sure in that t
Hello! 1. If you are using msp430F5438A, you have some 16 bit ports, PA to PE. You can do PBDIR |= 0xFFFF; // Leave PA because it's interrupt capable and you can use it for something else. Then PBOUT = ADC12MEMx 2. You can do pretty much all what you want. If you want to display bit per bit, that's your choice. If you want for example activate
Hi sir, I have configured an channel of adc12 in msp430 Now i have a data in ADCMEM0 register of ADC12_A Is there any possibility to bring down the data into I/O of msp430f5438a controller If it is possible please help to do it. Thank you all.
Hi, everyone I have started working on msp430F5438A microcontroller. I have gone through the datasheet for the corresponding device. I learnt the register configuration for ADC12_A based on that i written a code... Kindly found my code below and give me some
Hello! There are many things to be better explained. 1. What kind of switch is it? Is this device external to msp430? If yes, how tis it controlled? By one bit (GPIO)? By SPI? etc... 2. If you provide a timing chart describing exactly what you want to do, it would be quite easier to reply. 3. There are expressions that need to be better expl
Hi, I write following program for UART transmission for msp430. but it shows me error at "UCTL0 &= ?SWRST;" that is "unrecognized token". Is it need to define any other library? #include "io430.h" int main( void ) { // Stop watchdog timer to prevent time out reset // Stop watchdog timer to prevent time out reset WDTCTL = WDTPW
Hello I have msp430G2553 micro controller on the board. One input C is connected to PIN2.2 and and I want 3 output as a pulse. Meaning the output will be A on PIN2.0, B in PIN2.1 and D in PIN3.1. I have written the code but I want to add interrupts so that I will get one pulse output 3 times as -> Alow, Blow, Dlow with the dealy of 500ms and pulse
The syntax looks confused at first sight. We won't expect data addresses casted to function pointers. I can hardly believe that this is the straightforward way to initialize msp430 DMA registers. Instead of trying to reproduce possibly erroneous code, why don't you write the intended operation bottom-up, using the msp430 datasheet and basic C op
Hello all, what I am trying to do is that to observe the exact time intervals for the watchdog timer in msp430, but no matter which clock I choose I can't get the same results I calculated by hand. #pragma vector = PORT1_VECTOR __interrupt void PORT1_ISR(void){ P1OUT = LED; BCSCTL3 |= LF
first of all, i'm sorry to my unskilled Eng grammar. i'm using msp430 (ti) mcu, and i developed dc-dc converter circuits and etc(led, buzzer...) for my device. now i want to make 1.3V ac signal which frequency is 10kHz ~ 100kHz. i don't know which ic chip can be used. plz help me ....
I am using msp430F5529 and msp430 Driver Library. As you can see, I set upMode timer configuration, compare mode configuration and enabled the initial interrupts. However, timerA interrupt is not working, I set an indicator whether cod jumps into interrupt or not: ucsFault should be different than 0 if interrupt is working but obviously not. And
Hello, Im working on CC1101 TX & RX for some of my projects. I got this ELECHOUSE CC1101 library for Arduino which I managed to convert it to msp430 compatible with IAR EW430. I tested the code with TX(msp430) and received it with a ARduino UNO .Packet sent was 27 bytes (a to z) with null character at last and was able to receive the same in ARD
what happens if i give 10V(over voltage) to a microcontroller(arduino,msp430) rather than 5V prescribed???
Is there any algorithm for 16-bit division in assembly for the msp430? I already wrote a code for 4-bit numbers in assembly. How can I extend that to 16-bits?
Hi, I designed a msp430 based PCB board (in Eagle) for my application : I have used the following basic connections on the board - oscillator (XOUT/XIN), power (AVCC,DVCCL,etc.), TDO/TDI/TCK/TMS, and a few GPIOs... I have a few questions: Are there any other connections that are required to startup the microcontroller? Also what is
Hey got my new msp430 lauchpad was working with adc here is simple program to get the analogue value from P1_0(A0) convert it and output it to Port2 but I not getting it to work after looking inot datasheet and sample code too.The ouptut seems to high all the tie I vary the potentiometer from 0 to 3.3 #include <msp430.h> /* * main.
I am interested in supplementing a low-power microcontroller (msp430) with an FPGA (undecided) to add 8 custom timers. My experience with FPGAs is limited (1 semester), but I do know that it is possible to emulate certain processors within an FPGA, so I could theoretically end up with a single-part solution where an MCU is wired up to these 8 timer
I am working on 16 bit micro-controller (msp430f67791A) and using IAR compiler. My question is that someone tell me that in a 16 bit micro-controller, if you take a 8bit variable then the CPU would take more instruction cycle to execute it rather than a 16 bit variable. After his words, I was totally confused and tried to find out on web but did
Hello! microcontroller only can creat digital signal,I don't think you can creat. Probably we don't use the same series. Most of those I know (msp430, PIC, ARM...) have ADC and some of them also have DACs. i have a doubt here, am using a microcontroller and want to generate 4 different frequency signal from a single chan