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MMMC---> multi mode multi corner Analysis You can contact your local Cadence representative for login ID...... Most probably it's linked with your SERVER MAC address..... I'm attaching a flow chart which may helps you.....
It's better for you to prepare two timing constraints ( common part and specific part ) for each scenarios. After that, MCMM ( multi-corner multi-mode ) is one of the way for your purpose. But for PrimeTime, you can analyze each timing respectively. One for 2:1 mode and the (...)
MMMC : multi mode : Differen modes. This can be functional,Test modes or any other modes. Inside functional mode, it can have many many modes like, PLL works at half frequency or works at high frequency. multi (...)
MMMC - multi mode multi corner. Design need to close in different modes (Func mode, Test modes,TFT,ATPG ,MBIST etc). multi corner. In Lower technology nodes, design need to close with (...)
on what basis MMMC can be created? maximum how many corners a design can have?
MCMM is only multi corner & multi mode, that's means, you indicate to the tool, all the combination (rc-library) where you want the tool check the setup and the hold time. OCV (On Chip Variation), just add more timing varation over the design, for all the MCMM, it it generally apply after (...)
Hi, looks like you have some confusion regarding the use of the scenario. As pavan mentioned that its combination of corner +mode, so first you have to understand what exactly it means... Its very difficult for me right now to capture all the points here.. ( I will do sometime in the weekend.. if you require).. but rig
HI Do we need seperate sdc's for doing multimode multi corner sdc or we can merge sdc and run the P & R. Suppose we have funcitonal and Scan mode. And these modes are both operating at different frequencies. SO during optimization how tool decides (...)
Is there any tutorial? Thanks very much.
The new release of Talus is ready to load via MUSIC case form. The application note about multi-mode multi-corner is available on Talus documents and MUSIC also. If you have registered a Magma Molten account, you can load this document (that is free :=) )! I can not share this doc for you (...)
Different high speed logic families can work at the GHz range. For example, current mode logic (CML) and dynamic logic. Actually, these two families are used for frequency dividers for PLLs working at multi-GHz frequency.