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Yes, it can support multimaster - look for the ARM doc "Multi-layer AHB"
I2C is a lokal communication bus, and used inside a few meters. If the distance is greater you need a more robust bus, or more hardware to split the bus into sections. RS485 is defined as a 2-wire half duplex multidrop bus, normally master/slave, and you will meet som problems regarding collisions from a multimaster solution. The transmitting uni
Hello friend, AS we know that I2C is multimaster. Tell me the no.of MAXIMUM masters .....Means there would be some limit on no. of masters IN I2C. Regards Amit Shandilya
Before posting tons of code, you shośld tell what you are trying to achieve. Why you have two masters in your system? If you have, are both prepared for multimaster operation? There are code tags at Edaboard to improve code readability, by the way.
Simple I2C controller -- -- 1) No multimaster -- 2) No slave mode -- 3) No fifo's -- -- notes: -- Every command is acknowledged. Do not set a new command before previous is acknowledged. -- Dout is available 1 clock cycle later as cmd_ack -- library ieee; use i
ACK: CAN is a multimaster bus protocol and each and every message is broadcast over the bus. If there is a receiver for the message, only that will ACK the messagee (at time of ACK bit), otherwise the sender will know that its message was not received by any node. CRC CRC is the checksum for the CAN message to make sure that the
Hi Friends, I am involving in I2C with multimaster design , i don't know how to perform the arbitration process, i have gone through the open source code, but it's not understandable, can any one tell or provide me any sample code for I2C arbitration . Regards, Kanimozhi.M
does any one have the schematic or design for the multimaster RS232/ppi cable for siemens plc step 7 200
All you need is to one master on the bus, there is no multimaster in I2C, Alos make sure slaves are having different addresses
gidimiz: Can you explain us why multimaster doesn't work?
I2C uses open drain configuration so multimaster environment using 8052 without I2C interface is not good idea. What you can do is use I2C driver IC such as PCD8584 or similar (see Philips application note AN25) Added after 5 minutes: Here is the link to another application note AN425: www.semicon
there are no limit to rs485 speed , Maxim Max485 work at 2.5Mbps, my opinion is that Canbus is the effect of globalization, the electric layer is similar to rs485, only difference is the protocol. in rs485 i make multimaster without problem, i can control conflict on the bus,I'm free to implement my protocol in anytype of microcontroller and I'm fr
Hi, multimaster: Any device can inititate data transfer if bus is available. All devices on bus are default to receive mode. As said by Bobcat1: use collision detection. Check if bus is available before transmitting and if possible check (Rx) bit by bit if data put on output (tx) of micro is same. If not: means that another micro is busy with
Hi, You can also use I2Cbus in single or multimaster arrangment. The limit is distance (ie capacitance of cable) if not buffered. Without buffer and low capacitance connection some meter of cable can be used at 100Kbaud.