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The following link demonstrates a multi-PIC I2C network complete with source code and schematics. It utilizes two PIC18Fs, however it could be adapted to the PIC16F series. multipic I2C Interfacing The following Microchip appnote discuss the same technique, only utilizing PIC16Fs: [
I have made a multipic programmer 5 V2, since I am a newbie I dont know how to check, it is working or not, I am using iCprog and using hardware setting to JDM, OS is WinXp Voltage measured on serial Port is approx 10.9, When I try to read Device 16F72, It seems all is successful, but verify after write fails, also programmer is detected successful
i found a multipic programmer schmatic. it is recommended by almost everybody,cheap and very useful. but i have a problem, i couldnt find 2N3904 and 2N3906 and i used BC547 and BC307 instead. Now i made it, but it doesnt work, writer programs recognize programmer ( at least i think they do, coz LED responds anytime i try to program the pic) but th
The best bootloader with free VB source code is Screamer V 1.6, I sware this is the best and the simplest I found. Ya, you first need simple programmer to load the bootloader and for that I am thankfull to FENG's multipic programmer. good luck
You could build a multipic programmer. Read Carefully . Bye
I made a multipic system iusing F628 devices and soft UART. Used RB0 as comms pin. Now running with about 16 PIC's on 1 bus with 1 master. The pin is always in receive mode and switches to output for transmit. Wrote some assembler routines to TX/Rx 5 bytes of data inc. checksum and using interupt for receive. All seems to work well. Bu

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