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there can be multiple reasons for this like layout, circuit etc., here are some thoughts: 1. All regulators are connected in cascade which is a bad power design. In this case, 7824 has to provide all the power for the board. U have to be sure if 7824 can provide handle that load i.e. current usage of board does not cross 1A max. Since, u r (...)
Hi, I have an ADC board which I'm trying to improve by getting rid of some noise (although it does work fine now). The board from left right is basically an ADC <-> buffer <-> microcontroller <-> FT232R. There are 0.01uF and 10uF caps at each of the chips. power comes from a 7805 regulator. Using a scope I look
PIC16F193X/PIC16F194X This MCU family ranges from 28- to 64-pins and features low power nanoWatt XLP Technology, segmented LCD driver peripheral, capacitive touch module, EUSART, SPI, I2C, multiple PWMs, multiple timers.
hi.. i need a help for micro-p project to design a digital clock system. the question is as following. "Develop a microcontroller system (pic18f452 ) with regulated power. develop a digital clock system with mm:ss (m stands for minute and s stands for seconds) using real time application with 99.99% accuracy.the system shud be working with spi
It's so tiny I cannot read it. However, in general, simply make a block out of major functional blocks such as power supply, microcontroller, RS232 interface chip etc. The draw wires between them or "bus" connections for multiple connections such as data lines. Bus connections are usually just very wide connections to show there is more (...)
I would suggest using a microcontroller, or even multiple microcontrollers, if you can, because a FPGA is rather difficult to deal with due to its packaging and annoying power supply requirements. FPGA also tend to be more expensive and requires more development time However, since you are doing some sort of image (...)