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0.39 Hz frequency difference means 2.8 degree phase error increase per sine period. You need a quite large coupling inductor to keep the error current within manageable limits. Or multiple frequency updates per period. The phase and voltage control loops have to be implemented in a microcontroller. Even it works, don't see the advantage over a p
A crystal even multiple of 1s, it have an expected error of few seconds per day. A solution based on microcontroller brings the advantage of allowing either to perform calibration or syncronization by several means, rather than a RTC comprised by a simple oscillator, even accurate.
The short answer is "it depends" If you want a three phase inverter, you may need one microcontroller with multiple PWM outputs. ADC resolution is not really critical (8 bit gives better than 1% accuracy at the full scale)- but again, it depends. If may be better to have multiple ADC ports so that you can check different faults (...)
An analog signal generated by pwm at a digital pin can also carry multiple frequencies.
Hi All, I'm planning to build a PWM solar charger for home use with flexibility/scalability in mind. I'm a beginner with less experience in pic programming. I expect to incorporate the solar charger with below features. 1. Based on PWM algorithm 2. Charging multiple 12V sealed lead acid batteries 3. 20x4 character LCD display for displayi
there can be multiple reasons for this like layout, circuit etc., here are some thoughts: 1. All regulators are connected in cascade which is a bad power design. In this case, 7824 has to provide all the power for the board. U have to be sure if 7824 can provide handle that load i.e. current usage of board does not cross 1A max. Since, u r getting
Hi guys, I want to build a circuit of production counter display where when there is an output from a machine, it Wil produce a count signal n my display Wil start increment one. The machines are using PLC and different machine will produce different voltage of count signal. Some are 5vdc, 12vdc n 24vdc. For my display, I use a pic controller
so please give idea that which microcontroller is used for it? and also give guidelines that which parameters used when selects right components? Thanks Rujul Desai Hi Rujul, you have any specific budget or intend to fabrication multiple units in future. Why am I asking becuase you can do this job with several w
There are multiple things going on here: 1) How flash memory works 2) How flash memory banks are built 3) How USB works 4) How USB devices are mounted as "drives" Which part are you interested on?
So I have been looking for way to send multiple analog signals through a Fiber Optic (FO) link. I need to have a sampling >= 10 MHz and >= 12bits of precision. I was told that a serial output ADC and serial input DAC is the most FO friendly way of going about this. Just to make sure this is similar to using say a microcontroller to (...)
Hi all, thanks a millions times in advance for the helps. I am using a 8 bits AVR microcontroller with USB controller, I want to send data to the AVR microcontroller via USB. I read through multiple documents but I don't understand them, maybe because I am FPGA engineer, no software background (but i can write C). What i read is mostly (...)
You could use the multiplexer , and use the micro to average them. Or you could feed the signal levels into a summing amplifier and then divide the output back down again to get the average without any computing.
I suppose you are considering a switched-coil converter? Step up or step down? If you need both, then a buck-boost will do the job. A single potentiometer ought to be sufficient to let you adjust the voltage to the load. 20A is great enough current that you might consider interleaving multiple converters. A microcontroller may be able to provide
OK, I'm working on a project using a PIC microcontroller and multiple shift registers (74HC595). Right now I'm using a PIC16F1829, but that's not terribly important to my questions, as I'm learning some of this along the way. Here's the goal: I want the circuit to be able to take a number and display it on a 4 digit 7 segment display, while also
Here are some ideas on controlling/optimizing the range: A simple thing to do would be to have multiple voltage references for your microcontroller ADC and switch to a lower voltage reference for better accuracy/resolution at lower input voltages. So, the idea could be to start with VREF = 5V for example. Then read the voltage. If it's low for 5
Hello All, I would like to use AT89C52 as a master to interface few AT89LP4052 (slave) with using I2C. This two MCU doesn't have build in I2C feature. This few day i have do some research and can't find any useful information and sample code for 8051 I2C slave. But i do found this "Implementation of MCU Invariant I2C Slave Driver Using Bit Ba
All your program if it is a single file or spanned into multiple files gets compiled into one .hex file which is burned to the microcontroller. So, all your program will use the same ROM and RAM in the micro. Declaring a variable or function as extern is related only for the Compiler. If the Compiler encounters extern when Compiling then it know th
Hi geeks, My application need to sense around six wave forms from six small condenser microphones(placed in different angles).The output from these mics will go to to ADCs of microcontroller. When a sound hit on these microphones,microcontroller must recognize on which mic did the sound hit first then second,third etc..concurrently i must run a
HI sir i have also planned to use single micro controller for multiple UART, i got to know from other site that i can use dual multiplexer ,but i am facing problem because now am interfacing 3 GSM modem with microcontroller using mux 4052 and 232 converter. actual the problem is i can't give +12V and -12V supply to the mux input. please (...)
Ask zuisti. Matrix display in Proteus is really confusing. If you flip and or rotate the display then it will be difficult to find which is row and which is column. Try giving multiple pins on one side +5V and one pin on the other side GND. If rows or cols of light up then you can consider depending upon the orientation of the matrix the single lin