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Yes, and the output can be Either Stepped UP or Down in Voltage. You could also have multiple output Windings. Your Biggest Problem is Making a SUITABLE Ferrite Core Transformer for the Frequency of Operation. Typically it should be wound with LITZ Wire, to better handle the High Frequencies involved.
Hi, I have designed a circuit using using op-amps, comparators, diodes and transistor. It uses 15 and 5 volts supply, but during my test I have accidentally supplied 15V for the whole circuit system, and after that the two supply inputs appears to be shorted. Whenever I applied the two supplies together, the 5 Volts power (...)
I recommend letting the uC drive a power MOSFET driver IC (best, through some buffering that can break any ground loops) which can be had at multiple amps of output drive and take 12V easily.
It will likely work close to your simulation results if you follow proper design procedures such as a good layout, heat sinking, and supply decoupling, but no guarantee. If you can, do some Monte Carlo simulation multiple runs to see how component variations (including supply voltage variation and offset) affects the amp performance (I (...)
A while back the owner of an electronics shop I frequent gifted me an old pcb for a power supply he had laying around, because he had no use for it and he wasn't sure where it was from either. Since then I've tried and tried to find the proper specifications of the machine but to no avail. The PCB takes 8 inputs, 1x 9V AC, 3x 10V AC, 3x 16V AC
My past experience of multiple transistor 'darlington' configurations in big PSUs is not good. Under short circuit, there is a risk (especially with slow op-amps) of excessive current causing failure of one of the drivers, BC337 & 2SC1173 in this design, which results in unregulated voltage and current flowing to the load. I would have some concer
Hello All...please help me in my troubleshooting. Got power supply with multiple output but all read 0V when powered-up. Got this pwm UC3825N vref read 3.5V instead of 5V. The vcc read 10V. Please see the photo...any help is really appreciated...thanks. 113167
Hi All, I have a power supply with multiple outputs. 12v, 5v, -5v. When I power up the unit. I can measure the output voltages but its dropping very fast, from 12v drops to 0, from 5v drops to 0. Anybody knows the possible cause? I already changed the filter caps but still same.. Thanks (...)
Hi, I was trying to build a DIY circuit which would connected to 2 of my computers with USB cable, but talk to only one of them at each time. I wish this circuit could be powered by either of the computers, as I may not power on both of them all the times. The issue here is, I suppose I cannot just short the 2 USB Vbus supply together (...)
I deleted this since Venkadesh_M pointed out in #16 & #18 that the illegal condition can't happen the way the switch is wired up in this application. The only thing that can cause unexplained multiple output pulses is if noise is present on the inputs or power supply pins.
Hello Guys...i am troubleshooting an smps power supply...i suspected this high frequency transformer is having the problem. It has 4 input pins and 11 output pins...really appreciated for anyone can give advice on how to check of this type of high freq transformer...thanks a lot.
Mixing consoles are usually designed for +/-12 or +/-15 V bipolar supply. Depending on the circuit, you are possibly able to test it with lower voltage. I can't imagine multiple OPs being damaged without a serious reason. It may happen with in- or output stages, if you e.g. inadvertently connect a speaker XLR cable. Defect (...)
Hi mkelly, I dodn't understand why you have 2 diodes D4 and D5 on the output. They will just degrade your load regulation and make your output voltage very inaccurate. Also from the LM317 datasheet I see the Theta jA is 53C/W so with an ambient temperature of even 50C you can only dissipate (15
Most commercial DC/DC modules are using flyback for multiple output modules. It's the only way to get off without secondary regulation or other multi stage designs. Input ripple can be LC-filtered. Inter-windings capacitance and respective injected interference current are a more serious problem in isolated DC/DC, I think.
Hi, if we are designing a power supply having both positive as well as negative outputs w.r.t output ground. what technique is used to sense outputs if we want to take feedback from all negative and positive voltages at outputs in this multiple output (...)
Hi i'm designing a half bridge based converter of around 300 watt output power. it has multiple outputs. it has 5 outputs excluding auxiliary supply winding which power chip on primary side. i have simulated it on PSpice. but not proper regulation of all (...)
designing a power supply. Main power source is a transformer. The transformer has multiple taps; 9V, 15V, 24V, 36V, 48V. For obtaining as much efficiency as possible, a control circuit is monitoring the output voltage of the power supply and switching between transformer
Thank you all for replying. SO basically the whole circuit with multiple devices can be imagined as multiple devices connected parallel to a source and upon dividing source voltage by overall parallel resistance the amps can calculated. Therefore if amps > 3 amps only then is it hazardous to my power supply? Yes, tha
Hi, I?m new to the forum, and looking for some info and help for my project. I?m a guitarist myself and facing the problem as many others do, powering bunch of hungry pedals from one power supply on the pedal board. What I would like to do is regulated power supply with isolated (...)
it's a mains fed, my main problem is which topology to use? I need buck-boost, Highly efficient design , with multiple output voltages. Why a full bridge? what about split-pi or "resonant zero voltage" switched ? Regarding this webpage: I selected split-pi since it has very hi