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Hello, I'm looking for such a circuit: few sources are connected to the switched cap. DC converter simultaneously. E.g. solar panel and wind generator. But DC converter has just one fixed voltage output. So, in other words - how to utilize 2 electrical sources with different voltage/current simultaneously? Thanks in advance!
It's so tiny I cannot read it. However, in general, simply make a block out of major functional blocks such as power supply, microcontroller, RS232 interface chip etc. The draw wires between them or "bus" connections for multiple connections such as data lines. Bus connections are usually just very wide connections to show there is more than one
How do you know whether a given design is multiple power Domain or single power domain?.
yes and no. SOME standard low frequency capacitors will work at very high frequencies, others will not. A lot depends on what the electrode structure inside the capacitor is like. Also, you have to place those parts very close to the amplifier and have low inductance multiple vias to a good ground plane. You want to pick one your company uses a
I am confused by the term 'DC bus' used very often in power electronics where multiple DC DC converter are connected to fed a common load? I had studied about the synchronization in AC but how actually the multiple DC/DC converters are synchronized? From the software simulation, I came to know that if the voltage of two sources are (...)
HI all I want to link various lectures of power point; flash and excell through one single GUI In other words i want to control all the scattered data via one interface How can i do it And which software is suitable for it Thnx
hallo please I have now a lot of problem with Matlab. I have to make a measurement system, and now i need to program a sweep frequency (measurement at single and at multiple frequencies), and Data processing(Voltage to power transformation also Data storage to mat-file) please if somebody have an idea about how to solve it, jut help me I hope
you want to use multiple power design?
How can I specify in the schematic different wire widths or net classes for a single net? The only way I know is to change wire width on the board after it has been routed. The idea behind it is a circuit with a SMPS where the large current power tracks must be wide, but there is no need and also no room on the board to use the same track width f
You could go to the extracted view and highlight the net. In some kits (I have seen this especially in power ASIC technologies where numerous supply rails and partitions are expected) there may be multiple metal layers where some are allocated to power (e.g. you have Met1, VSS_Met1, VDD_Met1, HV_Met1) and thay are "booleaned" (...)
Hello, maybe the expression "power constrained devices" you found means that the mobile terminals are not allowed to transmit to the maximum available power level because of power control loop implemented in cellular systems, to avoid excessive multiple user interference level at base station side. Regards Mowgli
you need a three phase power factor corrector to start........then when you have your DC bus after that, you go for i believe multiple phased SMPSs in parallel because 10KW is too much for a single full bridge topology. it will be a big supply.......with cooling in it. i'd say about 70cm by 50cm by 20cm minimum
multiple parallel capacitors with different values are used because real capacitors have a minimum in the impedance. Ideal capacitors would have a flat Z vs. f chart comes from this article:
Do not post multiple entries under diffrent topics. Your querry for "Subwoofer "is answered in the "Other design" topic here...Good luck
Error message on simulation run -"multiple coupled wave ports are encountered in coupledports" the network is a five port help
Hello, I'm having some problems with a multiple output flyback converter (the power Integrations TNY series). I have a transformer wind-up for 15V and 5V outputs. The 15V line goes to feedback and is rock stable at 14.8V, regardless of the load. However, the 5V line is a disaster. Even at small loads it falls to 4V, which is not enough to (...)
1. power Meter (peak, average, RMS, etc), Two RF Signal Generators with multiple modulations, Spectrum Analyzer, Load Pull Tuners, power Supply with accurate current and voltage readings. 2. Network Analyzer, Two RF signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzer with NF measurement option. 3. Spectrum Analyzer with Phase Noise measurement option, (...)
This depends by multiple factors, as: TX power, RX IP3, modulation type, RX/TX mode (full or half-duplex), RX/TX frequency spacing (if they are not on the same frequency). Generally an isolation greater than 20dB between RX and TX antennas is necessarily.
I have a system with a master and multiple slaves. I currently have separate power and communication wires. (I'm using cat 5 cables). I would like to only have 2 wires and run the communications on the power wires using FSK. I'm thinking of pulling the signal off with a capacitor and then feeding it into an opamp. What I'm having (...)
I heard about multiple power Domain concept.. Can anyone explain about this concept?..