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I use multiple external hard drives with my current laptop (3TB (3.5" USB External), 2TB(3.5" eSATA External), 1TB (2.5" 9.5mm tall USB Hub Cooling Pad), and 1TB (2.5" 12.5mm tall USB HDD Shell). the 1TB (was unpowered) in the shell fell out of my hand while shifting my laptop, cooling pad, external hdd, and power cord (laptop) to the (...)
Hello all, I have a question on one particular implementation of high power RF/MW amplifier. Is it possible to achieve large output power by summing the outputs of multiple "low" power amplifiers (i.e. using power combiners, etc). What happens with output voltages/currents if the load is not matched to (...)
Most likely you are seeing a different resonance at 2 MHz. A standard "twisted pair" power cable has about 0.5 ?H/m. Because inductance is a function of ln(center distance/wire diameter), you can't go much below this value unless you are using multiple wires. 1 ?F is a very small filter capacitor, I would expect at least several mF for a 12
A while back the owner of an electronics shop I frequent gifted me an old pcb for a power supply he had laying around, because he had no use for it and he wasn't sure where it was from either. Since then I've tried and tried to find the proper specifications of the machine but to no avail. The PCB takes 8 inputs, 1x 9V AC, 3x 10V AC, 3x 16V AC
My past experience of multiple transistor 'darlington' configurations in big PSUs is not good. Under short circuit, there is a risk (especially with slow op-amps) of excessive current causing failure of one of the drivers, BC337 & 2SC1173 in this design, which results in unregulated voltage and current flowing to the load. I would have some concer
Hello guys I have a question and I think that I am in the correct section. I am a mechanical man and not much of an electronics guy when it comes to know how. But I am designing a box for a work project and we are wiring 6 batteries in parallel and wiring them into a circuit board. On the circuit board we are going to have 10 barrel connectors o
Your load duration is not specified and battery watt-hour needs to satisfy this. But there are many sources of Buck regulators in all sizes. TO start your project conider higher voltage battery banks of LiPo and define your Vin range and multiple output ranges.
That means you need a zero-cross optoisolator triac driver (MOC3083) then you might use a simple 555 to generate a PWM signal with very low frequency (T=few seconds) to drive the optotriac. This way, the voltage applied to your heating element will be half waves multiple thus there will be no stress on the mains power supply.
Hey, First of all i am using the dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit. If i want to use the rails (Vdd-Vss) for adc should i just connect AVDD to Vdd and AVSS to Vss? Or are they connected internally (not mentioned in the datasheet)? And how about the multiple couples of Vdd/Vss provided? Do i leave them alone if i power the PIC by a usb connected to a
Hi Friends, I accept that the law of conservation of energy can never go false. I got this doubt, if answered, many like me may get benefited. Consider the image below, Case 1: 10W is transferred ideally agreed. 118344 In case 2, is there any way magnetically to prove that since the power input = power o/p, the cur
Hi I am working on ATmega2560. In ic I saw that there are more then one Vcc and Ground pin is available. Is it necessory to provide power to all Vcc and same for Ground pin ? Thanks -Piyush
Are the toroids with multiple windimgs inside PC power supplies suitable to make gate drive transformer? Those particular ones are clearly metallic in nature and I assume are made of zinc-manganese....which is what N30 and T35 toroids are made of.
for data pins use multiple entities and it will appear as U1A, U1B, U1C, if power lines donot appear then go to properties, click on hidden pins, assign the pins by naming the power lines infront of VCC and GND. This will connect them in schematic as well as PCB layout
The lousy 741 opamp has many problems because it was one of the first opamps released 47 years ago. The LM324 and lM358 have crossover distortion ansd trouble with freq OOPS Continued in this Edit: and trouble with frequencies above only 2000H, because they are also old and are one of the first low power multiple opamps.
I often require different power supplies for my PCBs, I need to generate following regulated voltages from a single bench supply: +8V/2A -5V/25mA +15V/200mA +2V/30mA -1V/10mA Kindly help me design this PCB,which takes a single input and genetates multiple supply points as required above.
I want to make a Push Pull type DC-DC converter with multiple outputs for driving the gates of an inverter and also some control circuits. While bootstrap method is popular, it has it's limitations. All the people at our college use a large no of isolated power supplies to do this and I want to make the power supply part compact and cheap. (...)
Hi All, This is my first ADC and verifying it is proving to be more difficult then actually designing the sub-blocks. I have been able to do a transient simulation in cadence ( Spectre) and have successfully imported the data into matlab. This is where I'm encountering most of my HEADACHE. 1) I'm new at matlab 2)All of the fft example
there can be multiple reasons for this like layout, circuit etc., here are some thoughts: 1. All regulators are connected in cascade which is a bad power design. In this case, 7824 has to provide all the power for the board. U have to be sure if 7824 can provide handle that load i.e. current usage of board does not cross 1A max. Since, u r (...)
Did you notice this online calculator ? Note that you must define a frequency multiple of twice of 60Hz, if you want a reasonable output resolution
I fear your latest posts are further confusing your intentions. In terms of RF engineering, an antenna is a device with non-zero coupling to far-field. Inductive couplers are designed to receive or generate a magnetic near-field. They are used in a kHz to multiple 10 MHz range to transmit data or power wirelessly. They can be described as AC mag