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Hello All...please help me in my troubleshooting. Got power supply with multiple output but all read 0V when powered-up. Got this pwm UC3825N vref read 3.5V instead of 5V. The vcc read 10V. Please see the photo...any help is really appreciated...thanks. 113167
You might have to use separate power supply for every sensor, depending upon your design.
Max voltages are declared based on foundry reliability testing. There will be voltage and current constraints (multiple, probably) on each device / feature. These will have been developed before you are allowed to use the technology, although they may be more conservative / less nuanced than you might like. On an individual design, test-to-fail w
I recommend a separate GND copper pour that is connected to main GND through multiple vias. Because if this pin is sensitive, you should protect it by covering a clean GND otherwise current which are coming from different sources such as power and signal returns etc. will disturb your closed ring.
In the design of an analog system (e.g. filter) with multiple blocks (e.g. OTAs), I am in doubt about what is the best bias strategy. If all blocks were equal, one could design the current reference tailored specifically to that block. With multiple blocks, however, should all of them use currents that are multiples of a same current source (...)
betwixt i will definitely consider your recommendation but its as is situation and it should be simple stable and economic. there are 45 4w leds with their own power source in 3 2 and 1 in rows and they should be able to control them in each row. the single leds are simple but in 2 and 3 there should not be multiple pots! i'v already considered a 5
Hi, I need help with design of PS with following specs: Input - 19.5V (regular laptop PS); Outputs - +43V / 0.8A, precision and load regulation within 0.2% or better; load sharply switches from 10mA to 0.8 A; +36V/ 50mA, precision within 1% or better; load is constant; +5V / 2A, precision and load regulation within 1% or better; load can
I presume you are talking about a state-of-the-art reflow process. It heats the board almost uniformly. If at all, some reflow techniques have problems with very large components like big inductors, but not with copper pours. No problem. multiple pins in a copper pour are quite normal for power ICs.
Hi All, I have a power supply with multiple outputs. 12v, 5v, -5v. When I power up the unit. I can measure the output voltages but its dropping very fast, from 12v drops to 0, from 5v drops to 0. Anybody knows the possible cause? I already changed the filter caps but still same.. Thanks in advance!
Hi, I'd like to design a bandgap that generates multiple voltage reference levels and current reference levels. Could you suggest some topologies and papers?
I am trying to build a multiple voltage switch mode power supply capable of harsh industrial environments. I have started the design but would like the assistance of seasoned designers to check my work, suggest changes and or tell me why it is a complete fail. Schematic 105704 Board Layout 105705[/ATT
Find a old-new type PC power Supply Unit, they work 85-270VAC and they have multiple outputs such as +5V, +12V etc.. Cheap ( second hand is 10-20$ ) and efficient....( if you don't have strict noise constraints because they may be a little bit noisy..) But if you would construct your own power supply, NXP has very wide range PSU controllers.
I have not read mazidi book so I am not sure, what mazidi said about programming but 2. yes, keil is supported for atmel 8051 MCU's. You can also use better and simpler MCU's like PIC12F MCU which required very less power. 3. You can use one UART for multiple slaves if supported by master using address bits, a little similar to I2C. Hope that help
Hi, first: donīt be afraid of the switcihng technique. It works well. Most important is the layout design. short and wide traces, good power plane, multiple vias to gnd, use ceramic capacitors and good quality inductors. there are ready to use step down switching modules as pin compatible replacement for 78xx. If you want to build your own, th
What is the difference between voltage domain and power domain ? can a single power domain can have more than multiple voltage ? can a single voltage domain can have multiple power domains ? There is a thread already available in edaboard about this topic. But I could not find satisfactory answer there (...)
Sketch a waveform of the converter input current and estimate the AC current RMS value. I would expect something around 1 or 1.5 A. Only a low-ESR electrolytic capacitor or multiple capacitors in parallel will be able to stand it.
Hi, experts, I have the following questions, would you please check the questions and see if can resolve? one : Can multiple retention/level_shifter/isolation strategies set to one power domain? two :Have any summaries about the isolation/level_shifter usage scenarios in the design, i know retention have only one scenario, that it is
You would need to connect all the VCC and ground pins. There are multiple ones for a reason. Usually they are connected to different sections of the circuits to construct VREFs and other grounding systems.
For this frequency you have to use multiple isolated stranded wires. to lower the effect of skin effect.
Hi I am using a Microphone Preamplifier circuit for a single microphone. I can use "standard condenser" or "electret condenser" microphone. I need to use 6 microphones with that circuit by parallelizing these 6 microphones and connecting these microphones to the Preamplifier inputs. (Preamplifier has inputs for one microphone) I am using 6