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Why are there multiple threads about this toy car? In another thread he was told that more powerful output transistors need the original drivers for them also replaced to produce more power. Now he wants to replace the transistors with Mosfets without making the circuit be able to use them.
I have been trying to figure out how to build an offline isolated multiphase power supply. Many controller chips let you slave multiple chips to one master chip but this just synchronizes them to operate at the same time. In a multiphase system each chip operates at 360 deg / n where n = number of phases. The tricky part is how each controller
It shows winding containing 14 turns only. Wire diameter looks appropriate for 3A current. The width of the core is not obvious. For only 14 turns of single layer, a small core can be used. For higher power, multiple cores can be stacked. You can calculate cross section area of toroid for inductor containing 14 turns and operating at 68KHz.
Hi, I was trying to build a DIY circuit which would connected to 2 of my computers with USB cable, but talk to only one of them at each time. I wish this circuit could be powered by either of the computers, as I may not power on both of them all the times. The issue here is, I suppose I cannot just short the 2 USB Vbus supply together as it
What is voltage file in multi voltage design? What are the different inputs other than UPF while synthesizing design with multiple voltage?
Hi, I am trying to design custom communication protocol, suited for my application and wish to discuss some details. Consider following project. There are multiple (1000 per 100m2) low power device that should every 1 minute ask some center device for data and go to sleep. Device could be moved in much larger area, assume 1km2. I would expect singl
Use the "INVOKE" command and click on the relay you have already placed - you can then place the other parts. You can type INVOKE, select it from the EDIT menu or use the icon on the left hand side. The same command is used for getting the power pins or other opamps from a multiple opamp symbol. Keith
I deleted this since Venkadesh_M pointed out in #16 & #18 that the illegal condition can't happen the way the switch is wired up in this application. The only thing that can cause unexplained multiple output pulses is if noise is present on the inputs or power supply pins.
... I need an ATX power source ... what exactly do you mean by this ? Does this mean that you need to convert a 19-60vDC to multiple outputs @ 3.3v, 5v, +12v, -12v ?
I am trying to drive a 24 volt dc 300 watt dc motor. Using a PWM frequency of 1 kHz. I have tried multiple designs of mosfets, and transistors but they keep blowing up due to the inrush current 20 amps. Or maybe something going on with the micro-controller. But I found a design that worked for a while but was not large enough(4transistors). So I ex
The splitter you show in your picture does not look like a Wilkinson. It appears to be a split, and re-split, with multiple quarter-wave matching sections, possibly not all at the same electrical length. The defining feature of a Wilkinson is the resistor between (in phase) outputs, and in the case of multi-stage Wilkinsons, resistors in each sq
Well your question was about power gating and not clock gating right? So the nice chats exchanged were about clock gating. For the power gating, the logic are separate on multiple row-island, which the power supply of each island could be control over the time. The power gating could also be apply on (...)
Hello Guys...i am troubleshooting an smps power supply...i suspected this high frequency transformer is having the problem. It has 4 input pins and 11 output pins...really appreciated for anyone can give advice on how to check of this type of high freq transformer...thanks a lot.
Hello there, The PLL can be used to multiple up the clock input to make your device run faster – of course this also means it uses more power. A phase-locked loop (PLL) is a closed-loop frequency-control system based on the phase difference between the input clock signal and the feedback clock signal of a controlled oscillator. Phase-loc
hi all, how can we have cells with 2 different threshold voltage in a module?.(im using design compiler) actually i want to use cells with more threshold voltage in paths with more slack , and i want to use cells with lower threshold voltage in paths with lower slack.( i want to decrease leakage power consumption). plz helppp.
Hello, Everyone. I am building a system in which I have a single 9V power source being converted into a myriad of other voltage levels. Several of these conversions are done using MCP1802 regulators. I am considering bringing out the converted voltage supply nets (Vout of the regulators) to a couple of headers on the PCB for both voltage verif
You are using LT 3652 which gives 2A output current..... You want more output current..... can use multiple ICs in parallel to get 10-12 Amps....Put 5 such ICs in parallel to get 10A of current...(2Ax5=10A)... For this...Check following application note form LT...
The easiest thing to do is to buy multiple AN-H59's. Another approach is to use an LM337, as long as you're careful to protect it in case of a shorted output. Another approach is to build your own LDO. Another approach is to buy a switching regulator and configure it as a Ck converter. And yet another approach is to use a boost converter with its
There's some bad news: I think this is not possible because the original power supply is quite complex, it gives multiple AC and DC voltages. The solution is the repairing if the transformer is good yet. It would not so hard because only the other items be tested and replaced.
most people test low power broadband, and then do high power at only one or two frequencies. To get different frequencies, you buy multiple magnatrons to put on the same power supply

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