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Hi i am making a project using VHDL and i wanted to use some low power techniques to optimize my design. I have used clock gating already.What are the other techniques i can use? I wanted to implement multiple Vdd or supply voltages technique. What are the ways to implement it?? I have heard about Common power format file(CPF) and (...)
Hi Given multiple mux choices(2:1, 4:1, 8:1,10:1 muxes), how do you design a 40:1 clock mux for low power? There is no limit to the the number of the standard muxes you can choose. Thanks
I think you are reading more into the multiple coils setup than actually claimed by the authors of the paper. The abstract is telling about the objective, investigate the mutual affectation of multiple wireless energy receivers, particularly resonance frequency shifts. The same happens with multiple RFID cards close together, why the (...)
UPF and CPF are the two power-formats being used in the industry for specifying power-intent (or power-intention) of an IP or SoC which talks about multiple power-domains and island and corresponding strategies (Isolation,Level-shifteting,retention). The power-formats includes (...)
The main concept is in having a magnet moving close to a wire. The wire is formed in a loop so current can flow full circle. The current direction depends on the pole of the magnet and the relative motion. The wire can be wound multiple times, and additional magnets can be arranged, so as to create multiple interactions, joining together so that t
I read that the sampling frequency should not be the integral multiple of signal frequency...i want to know the theory behind this..if there is any document explaining this will be great help...thanks in advance.. This is because of harmonics. You better read about it in Walt Kester's Analog Digital Conversion (see
Hi all, I am currently working on this project - Spatial Modulation for multiple-Antenna Wireless Systems This project will focus on building the simulation program using MATLAB to study the performance of SM under different channel fading conditions, number of transmit-antennas, and power allocation methods. I am having difficultie
Well, it's relative. What are you comparing this against that you're looking for advantages? Some pros of using TC74: Communicates via I2C. So, you can use multiple devices on the same bus. Low power. Small footprint. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hai, i am designing a quiz master module to conduct quiz. I have completed a wired module. Now i need to move on to wireless. As the local rf modules(433.92Mhz) allow only one transmittor at a time. I have decided to make one using nordic rf2401 by setting different frequency for each contestant. so i hope each transmittors operate sepratel
This is just one example from many : Self-powered Dummy Load Checks Out multiple-Output power Supplies course circuits can be adjusted to your current needs.
for me: power domain, means you could switch off/on the domain, you need isolators element between domains. voltage domain, means you have a multiple voltage (different values) to supply the digital core, you need level translators between domains. you could mix both techniques.
Hi, I have an ADC board which I'm trying to improve by getting rid of some noise (although it does work fine now). The board from left right is basically an ADC <-> buffer <-> microcontroller <-> FT232R. There are 0.01uF and 10uF caps at each of the chips. power comes from a 7805 regulator. Using a scope I look
Hey Guys! I'm working on a project that requires both an Atmel2560 and a connected computer to both have the capability to read/write to an SD card. Basically, the Atmel2560 is connected to the MicroSD on board the PCB through a Hex Converter. The board is designed to operate with connection (and power) to a USB-B port. The Atmel will be dumping
Mixing consoles are usually designed for +/-12 or +/-15 V bipolar supply. Depending on the circuit, you are possibly able to test it with lower voltage. I can't imagine multiple OPs being damaged without a serious reason. It may happen with in- or output stages, if you e.g. inadvertently connect a speaker XLR cable. Defect power supply with mass
Gain expansion happen mostly in Class-AB power amplifiers, mainly due to non-linearities in the device parasitics, especially capacitances. These non-linearities provide a cancellation of the compression point at a specific power level. A device that have one-tone gain expansion, will have also multiple nulls in the high order two-tone (...)
Sure is it possible, but does it make sense? For the array, why do you want multiple coax feeds with power divider at coax level, instead of a simple divider network in microstrip?
@milvap I believe the answer you are looking for is that YES you can use multiple sources for charging a battery and YES you can use the USB port for a bidirectional power port. The spec indicates 100mA until host senses that the peripheral demands more power power 500mA for USB2 and 900mA for USB3. I have not used this (...)
You are correct. The ferrite bead assures no narrow-band resonances occur due to a single inductor or series combination of multiple inductors in the frequency band, where the ferrite bead is effective.
I am using DS18B20 Micro-Controller (One-Wire Protocol) to show the temperature on LCD and Serial Port. I tested it for 1-sensor and it works fine now my question is that, how can i connect multiple sensor maximum 64 or minimum 8 with the micro-controller. I mean to say which topology to use for this purpose, so that i can easily connect all
a clock synthesizer typically generates a clock that is a rational multiple of a reference clock. In many cases, this will be something like 2x, 8x, 1/2, 1/8th etc... However, more advanced devices can generate non-power of two values, like 3x, 3/2, 7/100, etc... Very advanced devices, like the si570, can generate nearly any frequency you might