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designing a power supply. Main power source is a transformer. The transformer has multiple taps; 9V, 15V, 24V, 36V, 48V. For obtaining as much efficiency as possible, a control circuit is monitoring the output voltage of the power supply and switching between transformer
May be your clock frequency is an integer multiple of the sample frequency? Try to make it at least an odd or prime -- or even better -- a non-integer multiple!
Hi Some digital ICs (such as PHY) have multiple powers; analog and digital I have seen in schematics that the power of circuit (for example output of a regulator) is directly given to digital power of IC and also after passing from a inductor is given to analog power. What characteristics should have (...)
a different approach for this kind of device. a big transformer with multiple outputs 1v 2v 4v etc and a controller that switches relays depending on the desired voltage see the pdf joined, text is in german, but schematic is universal regards,
Hey everybody! I'm working on a weird little project, and I've hit a wall. There are five lights inside a box, all of which I want to control from a single master dimmer. I'm using 12v auto lights and sockets for the lights themselves - like these - Sylvania 3057LL BP Long Life Miniature Incandescent
Hi All, I want to generate lots of carriers (~200) to simulate the spurious out of a synthesiser (ie the harmonics of the reference frequency). I know there is a power source where you can enter many frequencies and powers ie PnHarm. BUT I'm sure I remember seeing you could use some sort of look up table with the P_SpectrumDataset source?
There are multiple design faults present in your circuit. - The first stage should be preferably biased as a linear amplifier. - The second stage has positive feedback and is latching the previous state indpendent of an input signal, but not working as an amplifier.
hi i am using sim900 module connected to max232 to pc, when ever i am sending any command to it i get its response multiple times, about 50-60 times a second. i have triple checked power supply but no issue found. i am using lm317 to power it up. also i am using it without antenna for now just to check everything. any help would be (...)
Why dont you connect multiple strips in series.... Ya, i am thinking of doing so you have any suggestion of which piezoelectric is suitable? it is difficult to get the suitable one. ---------- Post added at 01:21 ---------- Previous post was at 01:10 ---------- [QUOTE
Thank you all for replying. SO basically the whole circuit with multiple devices can be imagined as multiple devices connected parallel to a source and upon dividing source voltage by overall parallel resistance the amps can calculated. Therefore if amps > 3 amps only then is it hazardous to my power supply? Yes, tha
I mean the PSU will not be influenced by the mic, so the mic signal will not go onto a different channel. The XLR of the mic is connected via a few k-ohms to the PSU, while the internal resistance of the PSU is very low. Dammit, I never could grasp the impedance thing in this kind of context (internal resista
power path management devices are required to ensure a seamless transition between multiple power sources, such as an AC adapter, a USB port or a battery.
Hello, the video at the bottom of this page about UCC25710 PWM IC says that it can achieve greater than 1% efficiency in multiple strings of LEDs...even though each series string does not have individual current and DC/DC power Supply - PWM Controller -
I'd like to create a compact 100W DC->DC converter board for a communications system that accepts an input voltage (between 9-36V) and outputs several fixed voltage levels. There are so many options that I'm going in circles on this design. Some of the current draws are too large for linear regulators to be efficient, and so I'm not sure if I shoul
Use ground plane, power plane, multiple decoupling caps (for instance 1uf, 100n, 1n in parallel), smooth tracks without 90 degree angles, flip chip devices, match bus wire lengths, and match impedances for digital output to digital input (such as 10 ohm resistor in series).
hi.. i need a help for micro-p project to design a digital clock system. the question is as following. "Develop a microcontroller system (pic18f452 ) with regulated power. develop a digital clock system with mm:ss (m stands for minute and s stands for seconds) using real time application with 99.99% accuracy.the system shud be working with spi
The assumption isn't completely true. You also find multiple GHz DSP. But because DSP is mostly embedded computing, they also have to be scaled to low power, small form factor designs. Except with handhelp mobile devices, this idea apparently isn't very popular for general computing applications. Everybody wants a GHz Multicore processor to read hi
Ground reference : return path of power supply (can be multiple) Ground earth : single and use for interference control and safety
DO you already have a power supply that has multiple outputs (voltage levels) and you want to select any of those outputs?
I don't know how familiar you are with RF themes, maybe I am suggesting you something you are already doing or that sounds obvious to you. A few things to check: - improve quality of your power supply. Be especially careful of switching converters near the transceiver - if the transceiver has multiple power lines (e.g. digital VCC and RF (...)