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Hi, If I understand it correct you designed a cache with multiple cache lines. Each cache line will be a set of register after synthesis. Now you want to put such a set of register into standby mode. In your design this would me, you need to disable the clock to this register. So you need to add a clock gate. In the end you will have for
could you be specific about you requirement.. what are you planning to use, what IC or device.. multiple functionality of pins are given usually in controllers.. but use MUX to make you own pin work for different operation.... i dont think its a huge or complex requirement as its relatively simple
WELCOME USB3.0 TECHNOLOGY USB 3.0 enables more demanding applications compared to USB 2.0 by addressing its limitations: ? Bandwidth - 5.0 Gb/sec SuperSpeed (SS) vs. 480 Mb/sec (High Speed) rate ? power Conservation - link power states (U0 - U3) and function power management ? Data Flow Control - poll once versus poll (...)
I want to inquire the price range of the following software for group uses. ==================================== Matlab (multiple license) Cadence EDA software RTL Compiler, SoC Encounter, Conformal Low power, Incisive Enterprise Simulator, QRC, Encounter Timing System, Encounter power System Cadence RF (...)
Spectral regrowth is the phenomenon, when ACPR is the consequence of this phenomenom. Meantime ACPR can have multiple causes, not only spectral regrowth (noise floor, phase noise, etc), all of them added in power. 3G system specification put some limits on the power levels of the Adjacent and Alternate channels of a transmitter, limits (...)
In OrCAD and other similar systems, power and ground layers are treated as planes. Thery are displayed inverted for drawing speedup, so pads in those layers are holes in copper plane. If you need only one ground and one power, use power and ground plane. If you need multiple power lines (3.3V, 5V...) and/or (...)
Hi all, What is the flow for multiple power domains in Astro? I want two power domains and have two logic designs for each of the power domains. Vdd's for the power domains are same. I am just going to drive two power domains with different power sources. Thank (...)
Here is my dilemma: I have just built a new aquarium and the setup requires a number of 12v power supplies. When done I will be running (3 )12v 1.4W fans and four 12vCoil 120v dpdt relays. Currently I am running 2 fans from a 12v .5A power supply and 2 relays from a 12v 1A power supply. I would like to run all of the devices from one (...)
Hi, register banks - can have individual reset values - can have multiple read/write ports. - can have asynchronous read/writre ports. (memory normally do not have this) but register banks need more area/power
You can use copper bus bars (Solder-able type) to reinforce the PCB tracks also use multi-layer PCB with parallel tracks on each layer & multiple (PTH) Via's to stitch the layers.
Hello posters, I'm not sure how to use the global schematic symbols to connect multiple power supplies. For example, I would like to have connections to different power sources and gnds ... +5, +15, -15 , DGND , AGND etc . So how do I use the VCC_BAR symbol to represent the different power supplies ? Do I add a (...)
Hi Guys.. I'm looking to develop and multiple cell charger for 8 cells, probably based on a dsPIC or PIC18 ( because it has 8 PWMs ). The basic power supply, would be an iPowIR, supply something about 5V / 10A. And I'd like to charge NiMh and Li-Ions battery, with a chopper design. Monitoring the voltage over the cell and the current. I
hi, the idea that I was thinking of is that if i have a piezoceramic being pressed in typing motion, also a small solar panel like that in calculators and a magnet passing through a coil, will I be able to combine all of their parasitic output by connecting all of them and serve as the input to this IC which has a pin for V+ and another for V
I am designing a M2M unit which uses the SIM340C module. I have read the data sheet multiple times, but can not figure out (at least not for 100% sure) what the correct way is to power the module. If I read it correctly, the moment I use a LiPo pack I can power the module with +5VDC at pin 11, and use the (multiple) VBAT (...)
You have to describe your situation and application in detail. Is it the DC pulse or impulse. Level of the DC? pulse width? The basics would be to turn on a npn transistor and use this transistor to turn on power MOSFETS, if you need more power add multiple mosfetets in parallel. you can see a simple UPS circuit to see the mosfet (...)
Hello I am having a circuit which has 3 different power upplies i.e +15v,-15v,and 0-5v. I have a 6 circuits as such.But I cannot bear different power supplies for different there is any powersupplies which comes with 5-6 outputs?what are the parameters I should consider while doing these condition?
Display 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi) Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously Capacity 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive Battery and power4 Built-i
Have some experience with juggling power from multiple generators as a single power system. All the generators are connected to their own regulator to put them at the same voltage level before combining them to provide stable power to the main bus. Then there is a whole mess of protection and monitoring that can disconnect (...)
Hi All, I am designing a small device to operate off 4 NiMH AA batteries (integrated - not removable) The device consists of a PIC and some LEDs plus what ever I come up with for a charging circuit. I was thinking of pulse width modulating a LM317 configured as a constant current source. The device is going to be small so I would like the pa
Dear friends, I need a kind of Circuit design software where DSP(Digital Signal Processing) card, MIC card(multiple Interface card), RS232 Port Card, IGBT power driver card these things are inbuilt. Actually I want to design different types of solar inverter. Kindly help me out. Apart form that please tell me, in which software I can d