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greetings forum i am a very beginner hobbyist, who needs some way to internally synch a mux, with a demux. i have recently bought a Marshall ms-2 mini amp, thinking it was two channels. i have since found this was not the case, and i plan to use a a mux/demux circuit to send both channels over the one channel. what i need is some way to ensur
why you want use demultiplexer? you can replace that with just multiplexer and you still want use demultiplexer then use other OR gate after your demux output to get single output and in that case you get output high when any of one go high.but its complicated you can use simple multiplexer instead (...)
Check this out: What's a multiplexer (and a Demultiplexer)?
Hi, I am currently designing a Serdes chip including the multiplexer, PLL; demultiplexer, CDR. But I am not sure about how to determine the component parameters according to the BER requirement. Here is my idea: First, the Serdes needs satisfy the BER requirement, for example, smaller than 10^(-12). Then, through the erfc function, we can get
Hi, I currently designed a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes a multiplexer such as 4 to 1, and a PLL supplying the clock. The receiver includes a CDR and a 1 to 4 Demultiplexer. Does anyone know how to write the transfer function of such TX and RX? And can I simulate the impulse response of TX and RX in Cadence without know
tracing through digital circuits IC chips When tracing through these components: Encoders Decoders Flip Flops Counters Shift Registers multiplexer Demultiplexer How do u know if they are functioning properly? or how can i trace through each one of these components ? how would u guys do this to verify them? Its hard to use a DVM mete
Guys, i have multisim 9 and couldn't find a multiplexer/demultiplexer. I need to design my project, and draw the schematic but couldn't find those components.
74hc51 is better, it's the same thing but it's a multiplexer/demultiplexer check this
multiplexer DEmultiplexer I guess!!..
Who can point to me the guidelines in the desing of a multiplexer or a Demultiplexer? I'm quite new to this topic.. and having met it in the my chain (and having to deal with some other components...) I would like to know which are the most significative parameters characterizing this element ... Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Lupin
You can use 2 of 4051s, that will give you 16-to-1 or 1-to-16 multiplexer/demultiplexer. You will have to use address inputs A, B and C as well as Inhibit (as address D, connected through negation to IC2). And, you will have to use external gates to mutiplex/demultiplex 2 outputs to 1 and then, in 2nd stage, one input to 2 inputs of both 4051. To a
what is a demultiplexer how can u make decoder to function as Demultiplexer. show with block diagram