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By strobing I suppose you mean... (a) flashing each led for a brief instant, (b) multiplexing the led's in rotation? An easy way to do item B is to use a 4017 IC (1-through-10 sequencer). It rotates a clock signal through 10 output pins. You probably want to light each led for a brief instant. (Item A above.) Your (...)
I doubt the led/transistor current is only 20mA because they are multiplexed. multiplexing causes PWM dimming so the peak current must be pretty high to make enough average current. As you can see from the specification for saturation, beta is not used when a transistor is used as a switch. Beta is used when a transistor is a linear amplifier with
Hello All, I am working on displaying day, date & time information on 7 segment led using 74HC595 shift registers and COMMON ANODE configuration. Please see my attached diagram. I am explaining the acrchitecture as follows: 1) The top row displays time in HH:MM:SS format. 2) The middle row displays date in DD:MM:YY format. 3) The lowest row
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Hi, on first sight it seems ok. But the display seems to be an 4 x 7- segment led display. It is in multiplexing technique. Mind that the current on the digit wires (1, 2 , 3, 4) must handle max. 8 x led current. Now it depends on the led current if the AVR can source current. Also mind that with (...)
charliplexing. Switching ON one segment at one time. NOT ALL SEGMENTS. I'm working on hardware. I dont have proteus file right now. charlieplexing is not the same as (just) multiplexing segments, its purpose is to use as few pins as possible Looks like complicated way of doing things! 'Ch
ok First of all you need to have some circuit diagram for it....another thing why do you want to use two processor PIC16F877a and PIC16F72 ..... My suggestion here will be do this project in LCD than doing in seven segment displays as multiplexing seven segment require one interrupt timer...... Good Luck
Hi, After a lot of searching, I have found some similar threads but not the solution for my problem. I have two 2.3" common anode displays and I want to multiplex them and I made some circuit but it don't work. The problem is that displays are blinking, refresh rate is 60 Hz measured few times. P-channel mosfet for high side switching is BS250 and
Are you sure of your power needs? 7-segment displays usually draw far less current than 3A at 30V, that's 90W ! Most led displays use multiplexing so only one digit at a time is actually powered up and they sequence fast enough that they all appear to be lit at the same time. Can you give more information on exactly what you are trying to achive,
Hi I wan't to control around 100 RGB led (not an led matrix) and need to obtain different colours. Now I am trying the multiplexing by switching the common anode of led using a ring counter and applying the 3 channel PWM from MCU. But for me, I cannot sacrifice the led brightness, I want maximum brightness. (...)
u need to do multiplexing.....if u want to drive the matrix with few i/o pins of microcontroller. there are many led driver IC's in the market....
One possible option is the use of a Port Expander or Shift Register. 6 Digits 7-Segment led multiplexing using a Shift Register The port pins of a PIC can only be configured as input or output, not bidirectional, however the direction of a port pin can be ch
You can see Dot Matrix 8x8 or led 16X8. This is for PIC, you can see the logic to multiplexing and shifting character.
Hey guys i know how to multiplex seven segments. i have done up to four. but now i have eight. this is i doing the front pannel of my power supply, current and voltage display that is. the ic is uln2003. So should i brake them down into four and use another uln2003 or this aggangment is good? I will be using pic16f887 and apart form this mulipl
hi can anyone help me out to solve the issue in multiplexing 7 seg led using pic 16f83.... its a 10min timer counts from 0 00 to 9 59 i got output but the numbers are fluctuating... i attached code and proteus design file....
take a look at microchip application note AN529 it explains multiplexing the led displays, to use less i/o ports than you do ... it is for an older pic 16c54, but the principles are the same with a 16f877 just read the app note and you will learn how to implement your
hey! guys i wanted to use the timer 2 of 8051 to use it as the multiplexing delay for seven segment led display. So guys if anyone of u know how can i use timer 2 of 8051 please give the pseudocode or C code or assembly code will work too. thanks
hi , any one know how to write 4 digit 7 segment led display with multiplexing approach for pic18f2480 plz guide me regrads R.Anandaraj
Hi i want to use a pic microcontroller to control an array of 50 leds. I'm using two ULN2803 ICs to control the anode and cathode of the leds but i'm having problems with my schematic because ULN2803 is a NPN transistor array and i can only sink the voltage and not supply it. Is there any PNP array IC? 66524 This i
Hi, I'm building an led display from a group of 5x7 matrices. I'm building it in stages as I have got to grips with PIC programming, shift registers, multiplexing etc. My next challenge is understanding how to power it though, and I'm having no luck finding anything to help me on the web. I will be running about 10 5x7 matrices, lighting them a