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I want to have a SPI flash chip that can do 4-bit IO to be accessible as both a memory mapped device to a soft CPU for reading, and as an SPI device for direct access to all the other commands in it, selectable by a register (fl_mem_enable). This requires multiplexing of inout signals, and i can't quite figure out how to do it. The code below m
(1) How can SPI multiplex SDI and SDO and use same pin for both since data is only clock at a single edge on both pins? I read the datasheet for MCP4131 for the first time and have been introduced to the concept of multiplexing SDI and SDO. The datasheet gives diagram for how this component maybe connected to a microcontroller on pg.41 of (...)
Need to 450 outputs to be controlled by PIC or ATMEL controller. multiplexing not possible. Advise low cost solution for port expander.
multiplexing UART Tx RX pin to communicate with two modules I am using GPS,Zigbee and GSM now all three requires UART. I have 89v51rd2 and it has only 1 TX pin and 1 RX pin.. (P3.1 and P3.0) i tried to use CD4052 but it didn't work.. and other multiplexer i can use... at least GPS and GSM i can used with one UART for (...)
One possible option is the use of a Port Expander or Shift Register. 6 Digits 7-Segment LED multiplexing using a Shift Register The port pins of a PIC can only be configured as input or output, not bidirectional, however the direction of a port pin can be ch
I programmed a counter that counts pulses at RB0 displays the no of counts in 7 segment display the display is multiplexed. in real time initially the display shows 1234 as programmed(approximately).some time the display shows correctly.but some time it does not display correctly. pictures
multiplex your pins, you will need less... here is an example of multiplexing leds and buttons : attached an application note from parallax enpla
Hey guys i know how to multiplex seven segments. i have done up to four. but now i have eight. this is i doing the front pannel of my power supply, current and voltage display that is. the ic is uln2003. So should i brake them down into four and use another uln2003 or this aggangment is good? I will be using pic16f887 and apart form this mulipl
Connecting multiple tact switches on a single input pin of a microcontroller Normally one tact switch requires one digital input pin of a microcontroller. Some designs implement keypad style multiplexing to get multiple switches on fewer inputs. However, there exist other techniques that allow you
Ya it should work,When I did it I used BC547 as the transistor,10K for the base resistor,for the data resistor I used 330 ohms rather 220 ohms,but that also depends on the Seven Segment Display type I used FND506 common cathode but any general common cathode of rating, 25mA of If (forward current per segment) and peak forward current of 200mA with
Guys, When doing multi-FPGA designs, there are times you (or the CAD tool) inadvertently adds a non multi-cycle net or combinational net through time division multiplexing (TDM) logic after partitioning. Adding such nets to TDM logic may lead to incorrect operation. What are some of the techniques you use to detect these mistakes? uA
Yes you can using multiplexing 57280 you connect one transistor to each input line shown above Alex
If you have 8 free output pin on your Parallel port, the only one possible way is the multiplexing: 1. Use a 3to8 decoder IC like 74hc138 to choose one of the 8 display at a time -- > 4 output pins (address A, B, C and inhibit). 2. Use a serial-parallel converter IC to send the segment datas (I recommend the HC595) -- > 3 output (...)
Hello, i want to connect 2 sim cards to a GSM module. And wants to select Sim card through microcontroller.i tried using buffer for selecting sim card, but Main problem comes when it come to selection of I/O pin, b/c as it is a bi-directional pin so i cant use 74ls245 b/c it needs the direction of the data to be what should i do ? [im
The usual method if the LEDs are part of a display is to use multiplexing or 'charlieplexing'. You connect the LEDs in rows and columns. One connection from each row goes to a pin in the micro and one connection from each column goes to a pin n the micro. You only light the applicable LEDs in one row or one column at a time but you move (...)
You can use 4 LSB port pins connected to a 74LS247 Then for the multiplexing you can use two port pins connected to a 1-4 demultiplexer and one pin for the blinking LEDs for a total of 7 pins. For example: PORTB0 //To 74LS247 LSB PORTB1 //To 74LS247 PORTB2 //To 74LS247 PORTB3 //To 74LS247 MSB (...)
HI, How can I connect five dot matrix display 5X7 using multiplexing method.I whant to control the displays with a ATEMEGA8. Thanks :D Added after 17 minutes: Helpppppppppppp!:cry:
I need to multiplex 16 LEDS with a pic, how can i make the hardware to do that?. I need to see the 16's leds without flicking.
Direct I/O control of each individual RGB LED? No multiplexing?
hi in multiplexing,,, how much current is required??? how to know this? I want to glow LEDs in multiplex status with ful bright. what is the formula?