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Hi Friends, Some components are not available in multisim. But we can create that using their spice models. Spice model are not able to get for the component. I searched for LM711 for my simulation. Help me..
How to design a 3 Terminal Operational Amplifier on multisim 13.0 to show the slew-rate including improvements
tested the model that comes in the program and does not provide simulate the wave signal at the output and other simulators like multisim works already using the same circuit. I agree also, if possible, other models of components to add to the program.
Hi all, I am looking for Pspice software which can be use for simulation of Bi-directional power converter topology. Please do not suggest Ltspice multisim Orcad Simpowersystem Plecs I tried all above and some of above stop working on complex topology and some of them stop working on magnetic components and few did not simulate Bi-dir
I am using multisim for the (C) programming purpose. I want to know if there is any option in Mutisim that introduces delay...
I am designing a power supply in multisim in which I need the regulator IC of 7805 But I cant find it in multisim blocks ?can any one help me in overcoming this problems
multisim has a LM7805 in its database. It is under Master database/power. There is also a component wizard that lets you import other parts. I guess LTspice will have the same features. Join the LT users group, they have a vast library of components available.
multisim 11 has it, it also exist in proteus, I don't know about the other simulators
I designed my circuit for my mini project (mobile phone detector) in NI multisim -11 and then decided to transfer the contents to NI-ULTIBOARD - 11 to design my PCB for the circuit. While transferring it shows that certain virtual components cannot be exported. I did some searching in the net and found out that you have to edit the footprint of the
You can use Proteus .this software has a good PCB destining software and simple to use it also has a simulator . all electronics designer needed it . Also you can use multisim from National Instruments
Hi, I wanna some libraries for multisim 7.0 (which have for example opto-couplers etc) Have anyone,if yes please share...
hello frends ,i really need ur help. i m designing an infra red based burgular alarm in ni multisim10,i found every component there but could not found this- 1)UM3561--siren sound generator--8 pin 2)IR RX1 TSOP 1738---infra red receiver--3 pin i m not unbale to create it in multisim component wizard plz help me out
Hi I checked multisim, it gives me the symbol of the unit not the real shape of the IC, what program does provide me with the exact shape of the IC? (NOTE: I donot want the logic symbol I want the real shape of the IC).
Hello all. I need simulation libraries for the components of Crystek Crystals VCOs regarding the platform of NI multisim. Kindly post them here or supply the link if anyone has them. Thanks
I'm a student so naturally I got the student edition of multisim. The problem I'm having is I find I can't layout even the simplest circuit, because there are only a handfull of components in the libraries. As soon as I get started I find that I don't have most of the parts I need. For example, we were given a simple 2 stage amplifier circu
I'm using multisim Circuit Simulator and C programming to adjust my components value. I wish to interface between this two software so that i don't have to do it manually. Can anyone show me the way to do it? Thanks for your attention and kind help.
hi everyone... im using multisim 8 to degin a system`s circuit... my system`s circuit contain PIC. im using MPLAB IDE to wirte the assembly code for the PIC.. i. so hw to simulate the whole system to get the system WAVEFORM??.. ii. how to i put the assembly coding into the PIC which in the circuit that design by using multisim........ t
Is it possible to rotate a component through anything other than 90 deg ie 45 in multisim? I seem to remember that it was possible in an earlier version
Hi. Sorry for my English. It's possible auto assign footprints to pads in orcad, how multisim do? Or Does exists any reference to know which footprint use each pad? Thanks.
Guys, i have multisim 9 and couldn't find a multiplexer/demultiplexer. I need to design my project, and draw the schematic but couldn't find those components.

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