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Hi mates i am using howland current source to convert 1-5 Volts to 4-20mA; I have tested attached circuit in multisim it works good (as can bee seen in table). However I have put the same circuit on general purpose pcb but i get results as: Volts output current 1 3.91 1.5 5.88 2
Hello! I have been working with multisim and Ultiboard for years now. Ultiboard has started becoming a pain in the neck for large designs. I want to start with Altium and have a few questions. 1. Does altium support creation of component group to quickly replicate the relative position of components while creating other groups having the same
Dear all, I'm using multisim 13.0 for designing the pcb for my prototype and i'm not familiar with the procedure required to carry forward my using and how to use ultiboad. Can anyone help me with that.
i am an engineering student 3rd yr.i wanted to do an extra course.i need to known which is best to do :proteus or lab view or multisim:?:
Hello Rafael, when I was a 16 years old student I worked with NI multisim (EX Electronics Workbench) and I found it very intuitive. Unfortunately it cost. Here there's a demo. To design pcb, i used NI Ultiboard but it seems complicated. Today I use
It is not so hard to distinguish an application that you have used before. I don't think you will find two application that have an identical schematic or pcb style. Proteus, orcad, multisim, LTSpice ... are different one from the other.
Orcad multisim
Hello friends, i am designing a dual supply circuit. i drawn it in multisim and it is working well. but when i transferred it to .ewnet file to use it in ultiboard,it shows only few components there,not even capacitors and very confused as didn't found any solution niether in documentation files with software nor in help file.:-( i am
I designed my circuit for my mini project (mobile phone detector) in NI multisim -11 and then decided to transfer the contents to NI-ULTIBOARD - 11 to design my pcb for the circuit. While transferring it shows that certain virtual components cannot be exported. I did some searching in the net and found out that you have to edit the footprint of the
I use National Instruments Electronics Workbench Software. It has the advantage of having a very large library of components. The software has two components - multisim and Ultiboard. 1)Design and test the circuit using multisim. and 2)Implement in pcb using Ultiboard. Eval Download Link: (Page Link Click Here)[
this softwr have graphical interface,?like multisim.
hi ... 1*i made intel 8088 microprocessor as a new component in multisim 10th edition ,but i have to test it in ultiboard as pcb and i don't know how ?what i have to do ? 2*is footprint =package? 3*in tutorials of Creating a Custom Component in NI multisim: in "Step 2: Enter Footprint
I have multisim 9 and I draw my schematic, now how can i do the pcb. I noticed there is a transfer of the layout for pcb, it can transfer to Ultiboard and Protel it transfer the file in the format for protel and *.ewnet for Ultiborad) I can't open both formats, (neither in Protel nor in Ultiboard). Is there a sloution to overcome t
I am designing a new circuit for a walk through metal detector, i have the multisim workbench and i want this Ultiboard software to do the pcb, as from the multisim u can transfer a file to this software and it will draw the pcb as i understand, is that right, have anyone try it before. Plz let me know. From where to (...)
spice syntax from pspice . Dolphin smash , synopsys hspice , Ledit tspice or silvaco smartspice some little difference in netlist . but more import is asic use hspice/Tspice/smartspice switch level use aditspice/hsim /smartsimXT pcb use pspice/ I-spice /multisim
I need to transfer the schematic created in multisim to the Eagle for designing it's pcb. Are there any conversion tool or any method. thank you
multisim 2001 SP2 was never released separetly. It was integrated into multisim and full release was made.
Small Design yes because the learning curve is about 3hrs if you go higher than 200 net the the netlist is buggy all the nets doesn't translate fron multisim to ultiboard correctly. Part creation is an hassel too in multisim (medium ic and higher the text doesn't align properly) If you consider yourself good with Orcad or protel then stick w