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I have completed design of my LNA at 2.1 and 4.6GHz. Thanks to edaboard members for your help. Now I am checking port parameter(s11, s21, s22) with help of Agilent's VNA. But i am not getting notches at desired frequencies. s11 is better at 1.6GHz and s22 is better at 1.2 and 1.6GHz. I have just designed a schematic in AWR's mwo with S para
Hello yaskurt, Which AWR Microwave Office (mwo) version you are using? Upload your mwo file *.emp here will try to help you with the answers... ---manju---
Hi all, I am new user of mwo layout. I have designed in schematic meander inductor but not getting the same shape (position of stubs) in layout, how do I design it? Thanks for helping in
Hi all, I am trying to model Schottky diode CD7621-000, can anybody help. When I am directly pumping the diode with -10 dBm signal, I am getting a conversion loss of 14.57 dB, which is too low. Approximately the loss should be 10 log (1 + Rs/Rj + w^2*Cj^2*Rs*Rj) Rj = Junction resistance = around 40 Ohm Rs = 6 Ohm, Cj = 0.11 pF The l
Hello aziz, I have modified your AWR mwo file, & I got new results... See the attached picture is this what you want or getting from Ansoft HFSS? If not upload Ansoft results screenshot, as I don't have Ansoft HFSS, so that once again I will modify the details in mwo!!! ---manju---
Hello, Upload your mwo file (*.emp) here then I will help you in fixing those errors in Microwave Office (mwo).... ---manju---
Hello vaka85, If you don't want to simulate & then only for Layout/Schematic design then associte the footprints / artworks for the lumped elemnts & for the Chip components... See the mwo getting started guide lumped Filter design example... If you still have the problem then upload your mwo project file (*.emp) to guide you (...)
Hello, Yes, go through the getting Started Optimization section, which shows step by step procedure... It is simple after simulation 1. select the element parameters you want to optimize (if needed constrain limits) 2. Add th
Hello rosaeidi, Use AWR Microwave Office (mwo) getting Started Manual comes with AWR Installations... There some examples on VCO design using mwo in the installation folder ..\AWR\AWR2007\Examples\Microwave_Office\Design_Types\Oscillators\Infineon_VCO.emp Here is the VCO MMIC example using mwo...
Hi Everyone, I am doing a stopband filter that require 3 frequencies, 2.4,5.4 and 5.8 GHz using circular split ring resonator.Anyone know how to get another 2 frequencies?Thanks!
Hello hussard11, It is very easy to get the layout from the schematic in AWR mwo... There are couple of chapters in mwo getting Started Manual on how to get the proper layout view for gerber export... I spent two minnutes two get the portion of your design into layout ... Try this... As you start placing elements in schematic access (...)
How can I allocate nodes 1,2,3 for a non linear model of a microwave FET using mwo? One way that is acceptable to mwo is to use ports but what should the impedance of each port be 50 Ohms or the resistance of the corresponding gate, drain and source resistance? Please help. Wyn
ya its better to use any of 3D structure based simulator like HFSS , Empire or IE3D ... mwo support planner structure designs ... this is good for MMIC designs and RF circuit simulations....
in mwo getting started there is a detailed example about PA design and in ADS u will find a designer guide , will help u to make a simulation setup for every aspect of PA performance , also both tools have the load pull analysis which will help u alot in matching circuit of the PA ADS have a design guide for linearization techniques of the PA
Are u going to simulate EM simulations?? Then I wouldn't recommend mwo but I3DE. I used bothe mwo and IE3D during design of a circular polarized microstrip antenna, and EM simulations are faster and better usinf IE3D. There is a trial version availble of IE3D. Good luck and best regards