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Hello all! I'm modelling a phase shifter in AWR Microwave Office. I need a spice-model of pin- or Shottky-diode that has quality factor switching > 1000. Operation frequency is 2.6GHz. It isn't a problem to find that diode, but a problem is to find a model. All I found is S-parametres, but it isn't helps me. Diodes I wish to use haven't spice mod
Hello, is this Nonlinear device model is spice model? then you can in AWR mwo as netlist Project->Add netlist->import netlist->import file as Pspice or Hspice... If not upload ur file here so that we can help you... ---manju---
.prm files are supported by mwo. In fact they are spice files. You have to import the files which will change the lib.xml Component Data file. Go to Help of the program for more details.
Hello, import it to mwo as a Netlist => spice netlist (*.cir, *.ckt, *.lib, *.sp) & then use in the schematic... If you wnat S-parameter file then setup the linear simulation if it is a Diode or FET, BJT then setup the bias & simulate... Finally export the file as Output file in Touchstone S-parameter file format... If you have (...)
I'm using VDMOS , ARF446-447 of MICROSEMI. I only got the spice model of the transistor. I check examples in mwo were use a text editor like a spice model and other wich draw a schematic of the spice model. could you tell me wich is better and how to create i'm newbie in mwo software . the model i got (...)
Hi I want to design LNA with ATF36077 but I have a problem to add ATF36077 element to mwo library. Best
i have a mosfet 0.13 um for hspice , and i want to use it in mwo is there any examples or hints to do so thanks in advance khouly
In mwo, click ---> ---> ---> File Type: spice Netlist. Hope can help u