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Hello, It is a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)... First get the operating frequency, Gain, Noise Figure then choose the device such as from NEC or Fijitsu, AVAGO... Then build matching & bising network & analyze using simulation tools such as AWR mwo & then build the layout... Optimize the design if it is not meeting the specifications... (...)
in mwo getting started there is a detailed example about PA design and in ADS u will find a designer guide , will help u to make a simulation setup for every aspect of PA performance , also both tools have the load pull analysis which will help u alot in matching circuit of the PA ADS have a design guide for linearization techniques of (...)
What's the impact if I select low/high Q-factor of components for impedance matching ? Thanks for your help. You can test it by any commercial RF-simulation programme (ADS, Ansoft Designer, mwo .....).