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I come across an article on broadband drain bypass bias network. See attached schematic (Bias schem). I understand that Z(L1) should be at least 10X the Z(drain) and Z(output matching) to avoid loading the matching. A 7.5nH inductor should be able to satisfy this at RFcarrier of 1.9GHz. See its Z(L1) plot (Figure2) from mwo (the other end of the i
Hello yaskurt, Which AWR Microwave Office (mwo) version you are using? Upload your mwo file *.emp here will try to help you with the answers... ---manju---
Hello, Yes you have to use PORT2 with two tones to measure the IP3 of an amplifier... Also you need to sweep the input power using Swept variable to plot IP3... See the attached schematic setup... If you still have problems then upload ur mwo file (*.emp) to help you better... ---manju---
Hello, I'm trying to design a class B amplifier in mwo using two CGH40010 transistors, I have used transformer to bias the gate voltage. I'm not sure hot to set the input power and how to do the matching network for Class B amplifier. Here attached is my schematics, could anyone help to point out what is
Hello, Which NEC BJT device you are using (Part Number) & do you have the Nonlinear model for the same to use in Microwave Office (mwo)? Is it power amplifier or Low Noise amplifier design! Upload your mwo file (*.emp) so that we can help you to solve this problem... ---manju---
Hello Martin, With S-parameter file you can do Small Signal analysis, such as S-parameters, S11, S22, S21, etc, Input/output impedance, Gain, NF, Stability of the device based on the meared data at perticular bisa conditions... You ca
Hello handsprince, First select the device then follow th below mentioned instructions to simulate & analyse the power amplifier in AWR Microwave Office (mwo)... Step 1: Get the IV Curves by placing the model & IV Curve tracer measurement block--If these results are matching with data sheet results then Step 2: Build the small signal (...)
If you want just to do a simulation of the predistortion, mwo is ok for this purpose. If you want to put in practice using some hardware driven by LabView, is possible the system to be too slow. In general the predistortion algorithms are done by DSP processors which are very fast.
Hi I want to design a 1.5 GHz power amplifier using UHF russian transistor 2T948A. His equivalent circuit is described in handbook. But I have a problem with creation this model in mwo, I think something wrong ( s21 very small - below 1, s22 high- above 1.5, real part of output impedance is negative). Does anybody have an experiance in (...)
Hi, I am looking for some matlab code that could model the behaviour of HPA (AM/AM, AM/PM) with OFDM signal. Thank you. --rs Hi, rs! Is using Matlab a condition? I suppose mwo can do this task much simper... Cheers eirp