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pSpice may not be suitable for this type of simulations. Try ANSYS hfss or CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - 3D EM simulation software BTW, pSpice is a circuit-level simulator
CST mws is not suitable for large structure. It is based on Finite integration Technique and uses volume discretization. I think, you should use ADS Momentum of FEKO Software. They are based on the Moment Method. Also, if you are familiar with ansoft hfss, so you can use Floque boundary condition to overcome this probl
Can anyone Recomend me the best Simulator for Electromagnetic Wave ? 1.ansoft hfss Microwave Studio Post added at 14:12 ---------- Previou
Hi, I am also trying to simulate an air core solenoid but with CST mws or hfss, have u used such softwares? if yes, can u have a look to my post .
I see no mistery here. Use hfss (ansoft) or mws (cst), which are great for your problem (3d - volume). --- btw, hfss rezultati se zelo dobro ujemajo s 3mv sbfa.
Hello everyone, My firm is to buy soon either hfss or mws. In order to choose the best software that fits our goals, I am doing some kind of a comparison between them. I'd like to plot the "gain's phase" (of a double-ridged horn antenna, fed by a coax cable) but can't find any information about it (neither on the ansoft website, nor on (...)
Hi All, Anyone can give me the sample file of CST mws involve the rectangular waveguide microwave heating or any look like microwave oven simulation.Due to i have the simulation propose and i don't know is the result are correct. Thanks and Regards, VINCENT :cry::cry::cry: PL : Your sample will help me so much in the Master degree
Hello I'm working mainly on RFID system at 13.56Mhz. I'have to choose beetween mws de CST or hfss from ansoft. For this specific application what is the best simulator ? Thanks a lot for your opinions Regards PCl
Hello All, What is Waveguide Mixer? Is it possible to simulate in ansoft-hfss or CST-mws? Any examples on the same please upload... ---manju---
:?: Help please. How can i simulate Huygens source whith directivity 4.77dBi and cardiod antenna diagram for frequency 37.5GHz in CST Microwave Studio or ansoft hfss. Post please project file if it possible.
Link to software: Numerical method 3-D Fullwave ansoft hfss: FEM CST Microwave Studio: Finite Integral (FI) - Time and Frequency Domain EMLOUNGE: FDTD FEKO: MoM
Hi tender_006 mws from cst or hfss from ansoft good for it. here an mws axample. pl
If one may say that in CST mws one may use a single setup from 2-13 Ghz on strongly radiating structure - he has no clue of what PML is or he cares not about accuracy.
A solution would be to model the antenna and it's plastic housing in CST mws, ansoft hfss or similar program. Start by assigning dielectric constant to 1.0 of the plastic housing. Then increase plastic housing dielectric constant in steps of e g 0.2 and re-run the simulation between each step. When you notice a change in antenna resonance (...)
Hi guys, The time domain has an inherent limitation. In order to reduce the time step it needs to refine the grid (and the other way around). I recommend to test ansoft hfss which uses Finite Element Analysis. Not only that it has no refinment problems, but also you can control the accuracy of the convergence process. In pr
Hi deepsky, I recommend you to use of CST is very user friendly. Working with CST is very simple. regards
For 80% accuracy you can use PCAAD V5 (just 450$) if you need more accurate 3D design use CST (mws)It more user friendly for 3D then ansoft (hfss) For 2D printed antenna use ZELAND PL
I think that CST mws is the best choice !