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Hello all; i have assigned to design a 40 delay step using nand NOR any standard cells currently I'm just looking at the big picture that i can start from. please any suggestions this 40 dealy step may take a 6-bit input to walk through the 40 steps of about 50 ps thank you in advance
Hi, Normally standard cells would have buffers, INV, AND, OR, nand, AOI (AND-OR-INV), mux, flip-flops, etc, etc. Are you creating your own library from scratch? If you have a bunch of cells lying around (now how does that happen?) & don't know how to group them, I think you should put everything according to technology. If you are trying (...)
Hi, mux is also an universal gate apart from nand and NOR gates.
No, you cannot derive AND/OR/nand/NOR from only XOR/XNOR gates.