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Hi everyone... I'm trying to do some data recovery on my tablet. It's an Android Nexus 7 which has something like Hynix H26M64002DQR as its nand Flash RAM. If I pay a data recovery company, it would cost quite a bit. So I'm thinking of doing the recovery myself as a hobbyist. If I desolder the memory chip I should be able to get the data from it
For IO testing we do boundary scan also known as JTAG(IEEE 1149.1 standard). This includes EXTEST which test the I/O's as well as the logic between two blocks. One more method is to use nand tree test for IO testing which includes the insertion of nand tree structure at all IO pads on the chip.Then apply your nand tree pattern and observe (...)
hi, In a project I use ATXmega128A1 and save font and icons in hex mode in flash and use them for display on TFT LCD, the flash memory of ATXmega128A1 is almost full and my code is not finish. so I need more flash memory, I find out nand flash on EBI is good for this problem. now I have this questions: 1) can I use (...)
What type of flash memory you want to use and what microcontroller do you using? STM32 via FSMC able to work with nand and NOR flashes. Also, you can use SPI serial flashes.
Hi all, I'm struggling with a DSP, TMS320C6424. C6424 hasn't got an internal flash for program memory. I should use an external flash for programming. C6424 has 8-/16-Bit-Wide data flash memory interfaces for nand and NOR Flashes.(Up to 128M-byte address reach) Should I select nand or NOR flash? How could I program (...)
Hi everybody, Can anybody explain what's DQS-CLOCK skew in nand memory? It's in Synchronous DDR data input. I understand that the data will input for every rising and falling edge of DQS. But what's the relationship of CLK and DQS? Thanks very much!!
Perhaps this link could answer you: link
Here is a link that describes, in detail, the main differences between NOR and nand flash. NOR flash is slow to write by design, as it was intended for low-density, high-speed read
Dear Sir, I would like to connect 32GB nand flash memory device to a controller which has address lines A0-A22 which can address up to 8MB only. Please share any document which explains interfacing nand to a processor/controller. Regards, Thulasi
Zoran software acess Hi everyone Some time ago I was looking for any information about Zoran processor used in LCDs TV and tools for access through Zoran port to the memory eeprom and memory flash. No luck I interested to know if have some program for read and write the memory flash (Nor or nand) associated to Zoran (...)
Which flash ? and what is the purpose of this flash ? Is it a nand flash or a serial flash ? Please let us know the memory size and whether you need a serial or parallel flash. Based on that you will need to implement the memory controller in your FPGA. Also check FPGA datasheet for availability of hardened memory controller (...)
Hi, I am new to RTOS field. I have an omapl138 EVM, How do I get the memory mapping of the periperals. I am trying to test for nand flash by giving the command "nand read" and "nand write" but it is showing an error. For nand read command:nand write 0xc0700000 0xA00000 10 (...)
What are the different types of Flash memory? My understanding: 2 types of Flash: nand (good for data storage) and Nor (good for program code) 2 types of interface: Serial (12C and SPI) and parallel What are the important thing to note when selecting flash memories? Eg. Random access time, etc.
I found Burn-In Test for nand type flash memory devices Apparently the burn-in means that the device has been tested in the factory. Alex
Music module--MP3 MODULES WITH BUITI-IN memory, musical voice modulator Features * Support 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps bit-rate, MP3 format audio files * Stereo audio output. * Control interface: key, DSA . * Support to play exact mp3 file in the folder by MCU control * Built in nand-Flash as memory for long
I have a brought up board using one of major processors in market... There are various types of memories mounted.... 1. SD card 2. nand Flash 3. NOR Flash 4. DDR 5. EEPROM I want pointers regarding, 1. If i want to load Linux kernel or in case RTOS to which memory should i use? 2. In which memory can i save my application? (...)
Good day, I am trying to build a circuit where I can communicate with nand flash memory chips (Intel), basically read and write to the nand chip. Are there any recommended controllers that can be used for this purpose? Can any PIC / Atmel controllers do the job? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
I have a S3C2443 board (which supports eMMC) and a nand flash chip, compliant with eMMC 4.4. I am able to perform other operation like boot, read/write, WP, lock/unlock, erase etc. I am trying to access the RPMB area but always getting the general failure. (I have not set the key, as it was also giving general failure) steps I took to access
Yes it will work, but I think giving pull-up will be better. it will reduce noise susceptibility. and it is cost effective too. are you going to use 16 or 32 nand gates for 16/32 bit wide bus?