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I am synthesizing a cholesky decomposition algorithm using verilog and synopsys DC. I've also written a customized cell library, which contains the following cell: AND OR XOR IV nand NOR XNOR DFF mux It was sufficient for me to compile functions like Division and Sqrt.
Hi, I am using RTL compiler to synthesize a critical path of muxs, and the tool implements the mux using gates (nand, OR ... etc). I am afraid this may increase the path delay while the std cell library contains mux cells. Is there a way to instruct the tool to use a std cell (...)
Hello all; i have assigned to design a 40 delay step using nand NOR any standard cells currently I'm just looking at the big picture that i can start from. please any suggestions this 40 dealy step may take a 6-bit input to walk through the 40 steps of about 50 ps thank you in advance
Hey, For making Xor gate you can make use of 8 gates, 4 pmos and 4 nmos using simple relation for XOR= (~A)B+A(~B) As far as 2:1 mux is concerned, there are many options. You can use nand gate, Transmission gates, pass transistor. Best Regards, Abhishek
2:1 mux can be an inverter, a nand, a nor, an and etc. etc and you can make any logic with them. Find out the circuit of a master-slave flop and do it yourself.
Can anyone send me a material on NOT ,AND ,XOR,XNOR,nand,INVERTER using mux ??? Plz its urgent send me a material i will give u 20 points
No, you cannot derive AND/OR/nand/NOR from only XOR/XNOR gates.
nand and NOR GATE are called universal gate.because all other gates are constructed using them.