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Hello all, May I know what are the differences between these 3 products? I tried to read up from the website and not too much info given. Are these 3 all analog FastSpice simulators? Or some are Mixed Signal Simulator? Also, XA is considered as an option to nanosim and hsim. What does this actually mean? Thank you.
what software to use for transistor-level power analysis? thank u powermill? hsim? nanosim?
In using hsim ( or nanosim), hsimVCD2VEC command converts VCD file to Stimulus Input signal easily. Analog & Digital Block were easily simulated by this way. question : I written SIG (signal information file) like this #format % #scope tc_top #in RESETB and I extracted VCD file from verilog. But I get an error log file l
If you have them, you can use hsim, nanosim from Synopsys or MACH from Mentor. But for sure you must do (at least) corner analyses. Even better is Monte Carlo, but even more time consumming.
What do you mean by mixed signal simulation : - if digital is small : hsim or nanosim are good choices - if digital is medium : smash is a good compromise - if digital is huge : hsim or spectre + verilog is good
Simulink will help you greatly in system-level. For fast transistor-level simulation, you should use hsim or nanosim.
I have tried VCS on RHEL AS4 before. It did not work well even the latest release, even though it is claimed to support AS4. I can run some simple vhdl and verilog design. But when I tried some advanced features such as cosimulation with hsim or nanosim or mixed-language simulation, the program crashed every time. I have given up trying and moved t
ADIT vs hsim vs Starsim vs nanosim .. adit run fast than hspice / eldo . smartspice but hsim vs adit vs nanosim(powermill) which tool is better on whole chip simulation more fast & more accuracy .
how about FastSpice performance ?? compare with aditspice , hsim , nanosim ..
Digital simualtion can't handle analog block, So we can use mixed-signal simulation to support it. Though pure analog simulation such hsim/nanosim can handle digital/analog block, the simulation speed is very slow. So mixed-signal simulation can handle analog block and speed is faster than pure analog simulation and slower than digital simulatio.
If you are using hsim/nanosim, there is measurement statement. It's necessary to get more than 1000 period data and do statistic analysis to get mean period.
How to setup the simulation? I don't find the command in hsim and nanosim's user manual. anybody know this? 3x!!
i hear about that hsim and nanosim is good for mixed signal circuit simulation,but what 's the difference of them? i am designing a flash adc i want to do post simulation,i dont to know which to select.
i think nanosim is good for the mixed-signal design you can get it here
Which flow do you take? In synopsys, you can use nanosim .
use alternative simulator, like Adit or hsim or nanosim
I never use verilogA or VHDL_AMS for real design , I ever use matlab for analog behavior , but for Mix mode SOC design , in gerneal , analog block design by analog RD , digital is by digital RD , project leader simulation whole chip by hsim/nanosim , but none use beahvior sim in Top level as I know . like Saber , Dolphin smash ..
Do PRE with DRACULA. Then use simulation tools (hspice, starsim, hsim, nanosim, etc.) to do post-layout simulation.
hi all can anyone pass me some basic articles or tutorials on HSPICE, HPSPICE, nanosim, hsim..... cheers
UltraSim can be classified as a Fast Spice simulator. It is a kind of sumulator that speed up the simulationand handle bigger design with the price of losing accuracy. In this genre are:hsim, Star-SimXT, Time-Mill, PathMill, nanosim, aand other tools from Mentor. UltraSim first developed by Celestry which was later acquire by Cadence. According t