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You can build "zero-VT" FETs and this is very common in RF processes. The "native" FETs have a target of zero-ish and a process control range which straddles both sides of zero. N+ poly over a N- body with N+ S/D makes a true depletion mode FET (provided that the N- is thin enough, else you will not have gate authority over all of the conduction p
There are three Vth(native, medium and normal) in tsmc180. See model file.
We have native nmos, do we still have native pmos? why? thanks
the circuit is combined with 5v pmos and 5v native nmos. the VDD suppose to be 100V and VSS 95V the voltage drop over all mosfets is around 5V (Vds, Vgs) 109322 if I use deep N-Well all around the circuit, will it stand the high voltage? Sure, you can do that, if you connect the sub
... why they have a transistor with native VT? What's the different to the others? A native VT transistor has zero or very low VT. Properly suited for transistor stacks.
I don't know what _nat means but it could be the same as standard fet. _nat very probably stands for a native MOSFET, which has a very low Vth (guess 50..100mV). Disadvantage is a relatively high leakage current when off (Vgs=0).
Hello, native nmos has a lower Vth than nmos. Looking at the layout both device have the same layers. How do we differentiate them in layout? nmos is formed from nwell in p-substrate. How about native nmos? thanks
If you are using a dual well process, then where there isn't Nwell (or native) you will have Pwell implant. Near the edges of Pwell you will get wpe effects.
If your foundry supports "native" nmos transistors (requires additional implant mask), they will also provide an appropriate layout template (and simulation model).
Hi, in CMOS processes like TSMC 180nm often the minimum channel length of mVth and native Vth transistors is much larger than for normal nmos or PMOS transistors. I need a native Vth nmos with good RF performance, i.e. low Cgs and L. Is that possible, it would hurt the DRC and would have large leakage current (no (...)
the model of native Mosfet has same accurancy as nominal Mosfet? 2.Who had used the native Mosfet in real design? any special considerations? thx!:|
Hi, Why is that native nmos transistor cannot be placed within a Deep nwell. I have a case in which the whole analog ckt is placed within a Deep nwell but I am not able to place a native mos. I am using UMC65. Thanks in Advance.
Not absolutely sure about this but I think it is a mask to block the N-channel threshold implants. It would be OR'd with the threshold implant mask (not an extra mask layer) and used to form very low threshold nmos (native) transistors. These are used in transmission gates for example. Since this layer just adds chrome to an existing mask, it cann
Hi,All. I want to use native transistor because the low Vth,but I don't know the disadvantage of it can my friends all in here give me some directions? Lack of channel doping makes the native mos have better noise characterisic than normal nmos and pmos. why we don't use native nmos in noms (...)
mos caps. What is the application of native transistors?
SMIC 0.18u Mixed mode supports native mosfets. I think UMC 0.13u mixed mode do have (not 100% sure)
native : no adjust the Vt when process medium: most low vt mos
native mos if formed directly in the substrate. Although it may be nmos, but it has different characteristic with normal nmos. The threshold voltage is very low, and sometimes will be negative. Lack of channel doping makes the native mos have better noise characterisic than normal nmos and pmos.