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can master boundary be applied to one face of air box and slave on the opposite phase in hfss or we need separate master air box and slave air box????????????????? You do not need separate air boxes. They both can be applied to the same airbox or you can draw a rectangular sheet on both sides and apply them
Hello, I wanted to know how to estimate Sampling clock offset for single carrier system. Is there any reference paper? Regards, naveen Phatak
Hi, I'm a newbie in Fpga's and vhdl, we are using spartan-6 lx150t development kit, this board consists of one max7500(temperature sensor) adc with two wire i2c protocol. please anyone guide me to implement i2c interface between spartan 6 and the adc. any tutorial or links will be helpful. Thanks Datasheet :
Hello every one, can any one upload example for optimization for varying relative permeability of a recatngular wave guide. thanks, naveen
Hi All, Is there any IC which converts CAN signals to RS232 signals and vice versa? Regards, naveen
hai frnds!! i'm naveen.. i'm doing a face recognition project as major final year project in,i've been using the following code to acquire image through webcam but it shows a blank image in output...can any one help me? thanks vid = videoinput('winvideo'); preview(vid); start(vid); im=getdata(vid); % im = getsnapshot(vid); alte
hi naveen, in that he gives a statement Sun now officially considers JavaOS a legacy system and recommends migration to Java ME. This by itself however is not a full replacement, as Java ME is an API specification, which runs on top of an operating system, and is not an operating system in itself. please check it and confirm...
Hi all..... Greetings from naveen kumar.... I completed recently in april 2011....I am interested to enter into embedded domain....I have done PG diploma in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS......Are there any openings for embedded freshers?? If so Please Let me know....Thanks in advance
Hi All, Where and when do we use pin strapping? Thanks in Advance, naveen
Hi, I am in need of help to complete the Multipath Delay Commutator (MDC) pipeline FFT architecture (4 point FFT) in verilog. Kindly help me to complete this. naveen
I want to use tutorials and videos to learn Load Runner, can u pls help me out in this. thanks in advance, naveen
Hi I am naveen, I want to produce electromagnetic. I have some data like. Currnt, voltage,torque and Power. From these available data I want to find out Copper Guage,Number of Turns of that perticular copper in round Groove or Channel. Is this possible to find out, if it is could you help me on this.
Hi everyone, I am doing my project on space time block codes.Does any one have OSTBC(4*1) matlab code.If anyone have ,can you mail it to '' Thanks, Nav
Hi naveen, If your library have Clock Gating cell, then DC can infer clock gating automatically(if you enable clock gating in your synthesis).
Offset cancellations may be done, using the auto zero method, at every stage of the preamplifier. U may refer to the paper by naveen Verma, for a latch offset compensation...
Hi naveen, I think your giving LVS run from GUI, if so there u will give a run path Go to that path and check for ".cdl" extension file for schematic netlist and ".gds" file for layout extraction correct me if i am wrong
Hi naveen, From your mail, what i understand is you have CPU 50 GT from Motorola (Earlier Force Computers) and using VxWorks 5.4. The error message that you are getting is related to Interrupt Vectors. Generally the Interrupt Vectors are at max of value 256 (i.e 0 to 255). Am not sure if the board supports 512 Vectors on the first hand.
Hi If there are unused signals in the blocks which are declared in the interface, declare this signals as bit. These signals will be in the X state. Hope this helps Regards, naveen
Intrinsic delay is the delay internal to the gate(in other words gate delay). To be more clear, the time taken by the gate to produce a output after giving the input. Fanout delay is the driving capability of the gate(the number of loads a gate can drive). Regards, naveen
Hi everyone, I don't have required points to download pdf .Can anyone please sent to my Thanks , naveen