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Hi, I am trying to assign random values to the inputs of my design. I would like to do in the tcl scripts. I have the tcl for the Modelsim. I need something similar in the ncsim. set DUTInS # Set to store all the inputs # Find all the inputs and add them to the set foreach k { set o [string map
Dear all, I need to use multiple-steps compilation in nc-sim with dumping out the fsdb file. I failed to use .... call fsdbDumpfile ("xxx.fsdb") call fsdbDumpvars 0 top_xxx_module run .... in command.tcl for the -INPUT option in ncsim. The log file shows the following: ERROR: VHPI VHUNIMP The proper
Hi, i am writing a tcl file to run simulation on ncsim. i need to dump a vcd file starting from a "RST" transition to high until the end of simulation automatically. please suggest a tcl script template to run the dumping. thanks.
Hi, Modelsim lets you save signal names in an ascii (tcl) file and then load these signals names in the waveform viewer whenever you want to access them (before running the simulation). I was wondering if there is a way to do that in ncsim. All I have found is the probe command in ncsim which dumps your signals in a database. The (...)
Hi all, I use ncverilog to simulate & usually debug from ncsim cmdline. Its obvious that the tool can check all the object path names (for example when we dump wave it can check path name validity) but I cant find any tcl command that help me list all instance path names (a kind of object right) in the design, which is always my need. Any one
I use the save command script often, but lately after upgrade to some funny version, it sometimes write a plain restore.tcl file.. other times write some funny restore.tcl which in turn calls another restore.tcl.svf file.. What is the trick to disable this annoying phenomenon?
Hi Guys, I am running my Postlayout simulation in ncsim. Is there a way to find the delay between any two nodes using tcl commands?? Suppose, I have a memory library "mem" whose timing parameters are provided in the SDF file as below. (a portion of..) (IOPATH (posedge CLK) Q (1.6990::1.7609) (1.6980::1.8186)) Now
I use tcl or do scripts to save waveform traces for future invoking of simvision. However I don't see how simvision commandline can take that. Is it possible? TIA!
Ho wcan i run a unix command from the ncsim prompt . Thanks Ash ncsim supports tcl, so: ncsim> exec {"my_unix_cmd"} should work! Look for "exec tcl" in google if needed Ajeetha, CVC
Hi all, I want to write a proc to encapsulate a stop command (Cadence ncsim). The tcl list below. But it seems the input(phy_state, stop_name) cannot be access/read in the stop -exec {}, why? Is it related to scope? Thanks! #----- tcl start ----- proc phy_state_trans {phy_state stop_name} { # below three puts work OK puts "ph
Hi all, I want to write a tcl in ncsim to do below work. 1. stop when $signal is 1 2. set the lock to force stop only stop once 3. force $other_signal 4. continue run 5. force $other_signal back 6 continue run But ncsim said "cannot run command executed from a stop -execute script". Any suggestions, thanks! #----- (...)
Search the FORUM first! Lot many times this question was posted. Anyway here is one answer from Ajeetha. Use tcl in batch mode, you don't need to do it interactively, try the following tcl file: -- tcl file database -open waves -shm -default probe -shm -all -depth all top run exit ---- Use it with ncsim (...)
I have the following command in ncsim ncelab work.tb_top -NEVERWARN -loadvpi ip_32W_gen:PLI_register -loadvpi ip_32W_check:PLI_register -snapshot work:snap -timescale 1ns/1ps -message -access +rw -logfile ../log/ncelab.log What would be the equivilant command in modelsim Thanks
Thanks a lot. Easiest option will be to bring up ncsim -gui and dump it from there. You need to do ncelab -access R atleast to be able to do that. Another option is to use dump.tcl file as: -- dump.tcl database -shm -default waves probe -create -shm / -depth all -all run; exit --- ncsim (...)
Thanks , DC support parameter -f like ncsim , i should have a try and then post next time :-(
1.Add the following task in you testbench initial begin $shm_open(wave_directory_name); $shm_probe("AC"); end ncsim, then type these tcl command: database -open waves_directory_name probe -create top_module_name -depth all run For more information,pls reference to ncvlog.pdf
the step seems to be: run ncsim -tcl worklib.system:blk ncsim> source ***.do where contain call vcdfile demo.vcd call vcdaddscope :i_cpu:i_ccu -a call vcdaddscope :i_pram2 -a run 12500 ns exit