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Hi, I am looking for fdtd 3d near to far field transformation code in frequency domain written in C or C++. Please help. Thanks. madd
Hi, I'm trying to do a simulation with CST Microwave Studio of a array of antennas which basic elements are a spherical particle. I don't know how stimulate the system, I would like to begin with a simulation with only one element, and then continue analyzing when the other elements are placed near the active element and study the far field radi
plz tell me i something about near field analysis of antenna in CST . is it possible to calculate the near field of antenna in CST? any one tell me how can i calculate the near field of antenna in CST?
Hello I want to implement an serial interface for my design but an High speed case with more than 10G @ 200meter I've found LVDS but it is working near 100Meg @ 10meter 422 hasn't enough speed what about 10G Ethernet? what about Fiber Optics based solutions? I am not aware about latest technologies here.... Thank in advance
hi, I've tried to simulate an ebg structure using empire software. I used a plane wave excitation and near field to far field transformation as described by literature 'FDTD Modelling of finite size ebg structure' in empire website. But I receives an error 'ValueError: bad marshal data'. Somebody please help me suggesting what is wrong with my sim
Hello everyone, I don't know if someone can help me on this. I am trying to solve a simple scattering problem from a PEC (perfect electric conductor) rectangular plate. I have an incident field, and I also have prepared a boundary condition on the plate (Rad1). Also I have completed the near and far field sphere setups. I analyze and solv
normally this is thumb rule but for big antennas u can use compact ranges or near field ranges where u measure near field data and transform it to far field data
Hi, RCS = 4 X PI X R^2 (Mod(Es) ^2 / Mod(Ei)^2), where Es is the scattered E - field and Ei is the incident E - field. R is the distance from source to the scatterer. In FDTD if you want to implement this you need to implement a near field to far field transformer (Refer Taflove, Chapter 8, 3rd Edition). (I haven't tried this implementation ye
I have prob in writing a matlab programm to solve the near far issue. PLZ assist.
HI Dear, the near and far field is related to the electromagnetic field fo antenna . near field related to the field nearest to the antenna beyond the near there is far field or infinite field. The term near-field region (also known as the near (...)
Hello everyone, I'm trying to implement near to far field transformation (frequency domain) for my fdtd code in matlab following taflove's books but it doesn't work. I honestly don't understand where I'm doing wrong because I'm following the books step by step. Does anybody have a 3D/2D working code and be so nice to share it? ( cb88(et)
Hi; I am tring to make a simulation of the ellipse antenna in HFSS9.0. And I have reached some results. my far field pattern is good. But near field pattern isnt good between 300 - 60 degree. I dont understand why it isnt good. If somebody could tell it I will be glad.. thank you for your
hi all,i have little question of cst how can i polt the field of any antenna at any position(not near field nor far field) i make horn and put probe in my desired postion ,so how can i measure field I(i.e. how could i rotate the probe to measure the field pattern ) i wait so fastly ur reply
This dates back a bit to the days of dos and the limitations of 20 bit address bus when a program could be written using a memory model. Small: The whole program and data fits in 64K. Large: The code fits in 64K, the data sits in another 64K segment. Huge: big. But in simple terms, depending on 'size_t' a near pointer is 16 bits wide
Hi everyone, I have a problem with my antenna horn simulation. Basically, i'm simulating an existing horn antenna, get the near field and then do the transformation for the far field. However, I couldn't get the simulation to work in the first place. First, I get this warning "given the specified frequency and model dimensions, an extreme
my carvin guitar x-60 tube amplifier had a strange defect , when amplifier is in a box near speaker does a noise very high , when i put out the amplifier far from speaker (50cm) ther'isnt noise. the noise appear after 1-2 minutes from power on and stand-by on. i try speaker with other amplifier and is ok i try amplifier (far from..) with (...)
Hi everybody, I am trying to build a program that can be used for solving FDTD problems but I need algorithms to use for the meshing of the geometry and also allgorithm for near to far filed transformation. Regards
Hi, I am trying to simulate pyramidal horn antenna (60GHz) and than consider the field distribution at the different distances from the antenna using far field/near field wave excitations and ?source?, ?target? projects. While near field excitations works well, far field excitation gives completely unpredictable results. (...)
Hi, I'm having some problems in implementing a 2D near to far field transformation with Matlab. I'm following Taflove's book, but I can't get it work! I have few questions: - Do I need both E and H tangential fields, or I can assume a PEC or PMC inside my surface and then use just one of them? - I'm using the fft matlab function to get the f
Hi, I'm using FDTD for my research and I would be very grateful if you could post or send me any sourcecode for a near to farfield transform. I've already tried to implement Taflove's book's frequency domain transform but I wasn't successful. Please send any code you might have to henlindg(at) Thanks!