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does this code cotain the transform of the near field to the far field ?
You'll need to set up an 'infinite sphere' for far or near field under radiation. The 3d plot is pretty easy to get as a report but have a look at the coordinate sys on the 3d plot - the phi and theta are reversed. Something to keep in mind when you want a specific cut.
Generally all "transducers" antennas, electrical, but sonic also, generate a pattern that change its parameters along the transmission axis. This change is smooth but for classification, has been creeted almost 2 zone: the near fiels (also called Fresnel Region) and the far field (also called Fraunhofer region). Generally the far field (...)
Hi! It's me again... Related to what I posted before: Could GRASP8W do that transformation form NF to FF? I've heard it's possible to go from far-Field to near-field with that software, but is it to get FF values from a NF measurement? Thanx again! Mortin
Hi, Can somebody help me to estimate the far field radiation pattern of a dipole using FDTD. I have already finf the near filed using FDTD, in MATLAB. Does anybody has code that can i estimate the far field? Regards
Hi all.. I am looking for a software that can iterate the near field distribution to obtain the fields at the far zone...Lets say we have the near field distribution over a plane or over a line(in 2D) from a FDTD simulation and we want to iterate these field dsitributions in free space to find the fields in the far there (...)
Hi, guys! I became interested deeper into zones of antenna - I mean Rayleigh and Fresnel as "near zone" and Fraunhofer as "far field". I need your comments... Is the difference between these zones only in simplifying Green function exp^{-jkR}/R resulting in Fourier transform when considering far field? Or there are some next effects (...)