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Hello all, I am trying to model a frequency tripler in VerilogA by using and modifying an upconverting mixer model ( also in Veriloga ). Instead of multiplying the baseband signal and LO, I am multiplying an input 9GHz signal in order to get an output signal of 28GHz. For the mixer model, there is a parameter about the mixer gain ( which is conv
Maybe you told Vivado that it's a VHDL file? Excellent catch... here is what Modelsim shows when compiling in verilog and vhdl C:\test\edaboard>vlog neso_ddr3.v Start time: 07:42:41 on Mar 26,2020 vlog neso_ddr3.v Model Technology ModelSim DE-64 vlog 10.5b Compiler 2016.05 May 21 2016 -- Compiling module neso
A constant current driving a varying resistance gives a varying voltage. Forgetting about that 50k, when the wiper is near the top of the pot you’ve got 18/110000= 0.16 ma through the wiper; when the wiper is near the bottom you get 18/210000=86 micro amps.
I would expect that the DC-DC inductor is the EMI aggressor, but DC-DCs also contain "victim" circuitry which means they can "self-harm" very easily (charge pumping Vref or FB pins, FET near-zero-current servo) which are ground referred). Seems like you know the right answer, why not whip out the Dremel and see what you get (probably more instr
Hi! I'm simulating a 4*1 receiver antenna array in HFSS. I want to check the antenna performance in the receiving mode. Now I put a plane wave source in the antenna array's far-field. I can observe received E-field and H-field in the substrate moving into the port. But I don't know how to obtain the received power and phase in the port? Can anyo
I have a code and testbench for 128 x 32 single port RAM VHDL code, but the wave that I get is not correct. I am using a protected testbench created by my instructor. How should I change the code, I am on the learning process about RAM/ROM memories, so if you know something that I have to put in my code, please comment. Thanks LIBRARY ieee
Dear friends, I am interesting in this circuit of comparator, as you see it has three inputs, the comparator compare both inputs to a reference voltage and based on the comparesion it generates either 0 or 1 , I never had a chance to deal with three input comparator, may be it looks near to common mode feedback circuit but the later one is analo
Hi folks, Here to talk about PipelineC . What is it?: * C-like almost hardware description language * A compiler that produces VHDL for specific devices/operating frequencies I am looking for: * anyone who wants to help me develop (Python, VHDL, C) * suggestions on how t
Hello, im working on a project in Eagle PCB and I decided to add capacitive touch switches to it. my only issue is I have no idea how to add custom capacitive touch sense switches. Does anyone here know how to do this? if so could you write me a easy to follow tutorial on how to do so?
Hello I design a four-quadrant analog multiplier and plot it's gain and phase bode plot. then I try to determine phase margin and analysis stability, but I figure out that phase margin=110 degrees. I don,t have an idea what does the phase margin=110 degrees mean?:shock: Is it stable?:roll: please help me thanks 158199
Greetings ... a couple of days ago I have been spending a project done in Vivado 2017.3 to ISE 14.5, because it is required to adapt it to a Virtex5 device. So far I have managed to adapt it and be able to synthesize it, but now I need to simulate the operation of the system using Modelsim SE 10.5. The problem is that the simulation code that was u
Dear all, I'm choosing a 1W power amplifier for QAM 256, 20MHz bandwidth signal. as far I know, the QAM256. 20MHz signal is such like the below. 158119 the the total power of 20mhz signal is 1W=30dbm, the power of a 1HZ bandwidth signal is 30-10log(20*10^6)= -43dbm. besides, the PAR of 256QAM ~ 7-> the peak power of a
hi there I am developping an MQTT application on LwIP. I want to secure my application with mbedTLS. I am using stm32h743 MCU. I am total confused. I have no idea how to do it. could you please guide me? thanks on advance.
Hi dears, I have a 2 port curve slot wave guide, before de-embeding port i placed the slot where the surface-j was maximum, with that structure with a slot length near (lambda-0)/2 the imaginary part of admittance became 0 and i had resonance, but after de embeding port the slot length become near lambda- g. I don?t understand why, I expect that
Hello everyone. I have questions analyzing the diagram in the CST software. The 3 blue line we have the directivity, ok? In the circumference of red color we have the shape of the magnetic field (its formation), ok? Does the green circle represent the gain (S11)? 157327
hello Guys im trying to read serial value from wheighing scale but its my first time working with serial data i've connected my scale data to arduino Rx through MAX232 & im receiving strange characters on serial monitor or 16x2 LCD any advice to begin with ? thanks in advance
Hello all, Not sure if this is the right thread chain, But I was wondering if its possible to develop a hub motor design with separately excited windings for both stator and rotors (i.e. No use of Magnets). I am exploring this idea for the use in rotation systems where free wheeling can occur when not powered. I am aware of series, shunt and co
can skywave propagation be performed every day and every night?
Hello everyone. I want to simulate a radiation source about 500 meters far away from my receiver antenna board. The receiver antenna board contains 6 same PCB antennas, with half power bandwidth 60*60 degree, and each is controlled by switches to the receiver front end. I just want to simulate the radiation source in different places such as differ
Expect field strengths up to 1000 V/m near a transmitting GSM antenna. The PCB is acting as part of the monopole antenna, RF currents are injected in the GSM module board and conducted to the processor board. If you don't want to redesign the processor board, you can try with a metal shield around the board soldered to antenna jack ground. It mi