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Hi, I'm working on a nearfield to farfield (planar scanning) code in matlab. I have just tried to test this code on an easy structure (open-ended waveguide) but the radiation pattern is different from that obtained using literature equation. Does (...)
Try with this paper: "Accurate determination of planar near-field correction parameters for linearly polarized probes" Repjar, A.G.; Newell, A.C.; Francis, M.H., IEEE Trans. Ant. and Propag, June 1988. Anyway if your antenna is linearly polarized, just do the Fourier Transform of your measured data to get (...)
Do you have access to Sullivan's FDTD book? The code for this is in there. I have not ever written the near-to-far field transformation or I would just send you that. If you give me your e-mail address, I could perhaps send you whatevermaterials I have. -Tip
Hi, I am looking for fdtd 3d near to far field transformation code in frequency domain written in C or C++. Please help. Thanks. madd
Hello everyone, I'm trying to implement near to far field transformation (frequency domain) for my fdtd code in matlab following taflove's books but it doesn't work. I honestly don't understand where I'm doing wrong because I'm following the books step by step. Does anybody have a 3D/2D working (...)
Hi, I'm using FDTD for my research and I would be very grateful if you could post or send me any sourcecode for a near to farfield transform. I've already tried to implement Taflove's book's frequency domain transform but I wasn't successful. Please send any code you might have to (...)
dear all plz, help me to find a code to find near to far field in time domain
HELLO please i need help I need to put calculation of radiation pattern in my FDTD code. I read the taflove and sullivan book but its very confusing Anyone can explain step-by step procedure?or any other advice :cry: thank you
Hi everyone, I'm bit a of a beginner with FDTD and i'm looking for some examples of far field implementation (near 2 far transformation). Anyone could help me? I'd appreciate it.
does this code cotain the transform of the near field to the far field ?
Using existing FDTD code is not a good way to go. You would need to assign a distributed excitation, and the phase difference in your measurement would need to be changed to time delay. Depending on your measurement grid, this might not be easy to assign accurately. Suppose you have done a "near field" measurement, if you (...)