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Everything calculated here B.t.w., d < 10 λ is near field where friis equation isn't accurate.
Hi to all, I need to simulate the performance of a receive antenna when this is excited by a near-field source. First of all, I hace exported the near-field from another CST MWS simulation. Then I have imported the near-field source in another simulation (...)
Hi everyone, I'm simulating an antenna in CST and I want to export the results of a planar near field scan to a text file in order to read it with Matlab. To do so, I've set up a field monitor( e-field (f=2;z=10) ) on the desired plane and I don't have any problem exporting the results manually once the (...)
Hello, I would like to compare results from simulations of antenna mounted on UAV using Transient Solver and Integral Solver. For Integral I will use recorded near field source (simulation of antena placed on infinite groundplane in transient solver). Do You have any experience with nf box size used to record (...)
Hi Has anybody used CST MWS to measure the power radiated in the radiating near field of antenna? Power in the farfield can be measured. But, I also want to measure the power in the near field. I understand power varies with 1/r, so it will not be same. But, I just need to measure the power in the (...)
hi all. I have designed a planar colinear 3 element array antenna in HFSS. and the simulated results are pretty good. measured s11 result match the simulation one. But the measured radiation pattern is not match the simulation. i expected the radiation pattern to be omnidirectional but the measured pattern falls by 2dB in back of the (...)
Hi, I am wondering what is the most commonly used rectifier circuit for NFC (near field RFID) card? I am asking this because when I try using a three stage fullwave Dickson rectifier/charge pump, while I get the voltage multiplication (got 7V DC output from a 8V peak-to-to peak sine input in simulation) and the required DC current (I need (...)
Dear all, I am planning to simulate, and in a single setup, an FSS-Antenna system. I need to study the effect of different field patterns of a source antenna on the performance of an FSS structure. The simulation scenario has the following givens: 1- An antenna, in both the radiative-near-field (Fresnel region) and (...)
Dear Friends, I already made a mimo array near field simulation using cad feko as seen in figure-1... now I would like to get near field data from post feko... First of all, How to get phase data from post feko I do not know (see figure-2)... second, getting near (...)
Hi, Currenntly, I am traying to simulate MIMO array using Feko... a mimo antenna consists of 4 transmitters positioned at outer (2 right outer side, 2 left outer side), 8 receivers positined inner...90914. by processing the data using Range migration algorithm, I would lke to reconstruct the sphere reflectivity functio
Dear Friends, I have to make a near field simulation of dipole antenna array at 11 GHz... Aperture size is 1 meter... 32 dipole antennas are uniformly distributed through aperture (with equal step size) ... Unfortunately, as Tallface65 says, the array factor is not calculated for near field in HFSS... (...)
Hi all, Thanks to this forum, I've been able to get started in HFSS and obtained some working simulations of a copper planar spiral inductor on polyimide. I am simulating it in order to extract its inductance, series resistance and parasitic capacitance, for a near-field coupling application at frequencies ~1MHz. I have built inductors (...)
Ask yourself how do you simulate "range"? Hint: you need to know the link budget first. As 13.56 MHz RFID uses magnetic near field, you should run near field simulation and you need to know the minimum required H-field (or B-field) for your tags. You may know that (...)
Forgot to add, first characterize your metamaterial and get the 'dispersion diagram' and identify your 'bandgap'. This bandgap will stay the same,for it near-fiel/far-field thing is irrelative. The next step then would be to put antenna on top of it and see the effect. The high-impedance surface will act as a perfect reflector only in the 'band-ga
you may start with 1/10 rule (10 cells per wavelength of maximum frequency) but which may not converge to correct result. After initial simulation see what is happening at that minimum dimensional part. if you see major variation of field current near the minimum dimensional part then you may need to increase the mesh density. If total mesh (...)
Hello! I do not have much experience with MV AWR office if someone could help, I'll be grateful, Coupling between coils in the near field UHF range, I will post a photo below what I have done already in MWO EM Structure I'll be grateful for all help I can get to simulate this. How can I draw the loop in AWR mw Office as easy as possible or
Hi fcolleon firstly select insert near filed setup in the radiation tree and then select sphere secondly after simulation in the results select near filed data and in the results page you can select any plan you want by its theta and phi(fixed theta or fixed phi) I hope it'll be helpful
Hi, i am trying to simulate a terminated meander line structure(@ 2GHz) on FR4 in CST. my main aim is to see the near field(at 1cm and 5cm) as well as the far field (at 3m) strength (preferably in microvolt/m) for different input power levels(0 to -20 dBm). But being unable to do that (as i am new to CST) i cant progress in my project. (...)
hi i think you need to make sure your near field monitor is inside the simulation domain specified by you using boundary conditions you can manually add space or use open(add space) boundary condition to resolve this problem i hope this helps regards
4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and/or compare near/far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler.
You can download and use 4nec2: 4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and/or compare near/far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler.
hi, I've tried to simulate an ebg structure using empire software. I used a plane wave excitation and near field to far field transformation as described by literature 'FDTD Modelling of finite size ebg structure' in empire website. But I receives an error 'ValueError: bad marshal data'. Somebody please help me suggesting what is wrong with (...)
Hi all How can I compute electric field of the line source in a dielectric cylinder in 2D-FDTD simulation? Thank you.
You need to open the current distribution file. Then, you can select PROCESS->near field CALCULATION.
Hi; I am tring to make a simulation of the ellipse antenna in HFSS9.0. And I have reached some results. my far field pattern is good. But near field pattern isnt good between 300 - 60 degree. I dont understand why it isnt good. If somebody could tell it I will be glad.. thank you for your
Hi everyone, I have a problem with my antenna horn simulation. Basically, i'm simulating an existing horn antenna, get the near field and then do the transformation for the far field. However, I couldn't get the simulation to work in the first place. First, I get this warning "given the specified (...)
I have 2 projects: The first is the simulation of the radiation in near field of a monopole antenna. In the second one, i want to import the excitation from the first one by using an excitation as a near field incident wave. can any one tell me how can i proceed. Thanks in advance..
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the antenna near field analysis. In order to analyze the near field of the printed antenna, we need to define the plane for display. It seems to me that we still need the radiation boundary in order to absort all the outgoing radiation wave. But my problem is that the wavelength (...)
Hi, In HFSS, Analyze at you would with Far-field simulation. When Analysis is done, Create a line on which the field is to be measure, then select Result/CreateReport/near-field. Regards.
A (simple ?) question An Em simulation tool allows me to get the 6 Re and Im part of the near-field E components (Ex Ey and Ez) in the t-domain. I need help about how to calculate the norm of this vector. This Em tools gives me the f-domain e-field which is also made of 6 components. Is it possible for (...)
Hi: The .fdfield contains the frequency domain near field information. Whe a user defines SAR calculation (or frequency domain near field calculation), it will create this file. A user has a chose to ouptut E field only in the simulation setip. The (...)
Anyone know how to plot the near field in HFSS?help me please.What is the different between the near fields and the far fields in HFSS simulation?
Hi everyone, I'm bit a of a beginner with FDTD and i'm looking for some examples of far field implementation (near 2 far transformation). Anyone could help me? I'd appreciate it.