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better to use some remote control technology like rc5 or nec or you can create your on encoding method with pulse encoding. search about rc5 or nec,there are many tutorial regarding it.
You can help yourself by downloading from
you can use rc5/nec format for remote /* nec REMOT CANTROL INTERFACE WITH 8051 MCU ADD. AND CMD. DISPLAY ON HYPERTERMINAL*/ /*PROGRAM BY ARUN KUMAR SHARMA JHUNJHUNU RAJASTHAN INDIA */ /*PHONE +919829147145*/ #include //#include #define T 516//560us 11.0592MHz #define _9MS 8295//9000ms 11.0592MHz #define _4MS 4198
i want change Philips RC-5 Protocol to nec Protocol 32 *can any body help me .. ;====================================== ; READ rc5 Format ; OUTPUT : TOGGLE.7 = TOGGLE BIT ; ADDR = ADDRESS 5 BIT ; CDM = COMMAND 6 BIT ; C = 0 READ OK ; = 1 READ ERROR ;====================================== GET_rc5:
Hi friend The code for Microcontroller is depend on which type of remote protocol, you are using. Not on TSOP 1738. TSOP 1738 is only a IR sensor, which detect IR signal from remote and give it to Microcontroller. Thus first you find out Protocol of your remote. it can be rc5, nec, sony, etc. Hope this is help you Good Luck Shyam
Please tell us about your compiler, attach the souce code. is your program able to decode the remote codes ( codes like rc5, sony, nec...)
infrared at 38KHz PWM Modulated over a Software Protocol (nec or rc5/6)
To suppose the IR receiver chip will filter out the carrier, and define the modulated carrier is SIGNAL, other is IDLE. In fact, to decode Philips RC-5/RC-5X (bi-phase/Manchester coding) is similar to others (such like nec/Sony). An important trick for robust implementation is: tolerance. (ex: SIGNAL will be short if distance is long) All of the
There are standards. here you can learn basics of IR transmission (rc5, bipolar, nec, etc...). You can get a lot of information by google, searching for rc5, ir standards, etc...For example, in epanorama you can get a lot of information. Regards
how can decode the rc5 and nec code in PICC?Any suggessions or examples please!! Thanks!
I have two TV remote control systems: RC113 and 807156. Which code do these infra-red remote controls systems send? I know there are several popular systems such as nec, rc5, RC6 and RECS80. But which systems does Blaupunkt use? Thanks. Wim